Is Hillary Clinton set for a White House run?

  • Is Hillary Clinton set for a White House run?
    New Poll Has Hillary Clinton And Joe Biden Tied For First Place. Is Hillary Clinton set for a White House run?
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New Poll Has Hillary Clinton And Joe Biden Tied For First Place. The candidate who lost to Trump is making all the right moves as some fear a primary gone too far left. It’s a tantalising notion, but most observers counsel caution – and a dose of realism.

A new Harvard-Harris national poll has former Vice President Joe Biden running a substantial lead ahead of his closest rivals, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

Democratic voters were asked: “Which of the following candidates are you most likely to vote for in a Democratic primary?”

33% selected Biden, 18% selected Sanders, and 15% selected Warren. No other candidate came close to double digits. 8% were “not sure.”

When independents were added to the Democratic group, the numbers shifted, but the positions remained the same. 25% for Biden, 15% for Sanders, and 12% for Warren. 14% were “not sure.”

When asked about their level of commitment to the candidates they selected, 60% said they “might change” their minds, while 40% said they were “committed” to their choice.

Here’s where things get interesting – the survey asked respondents to choose a candidate if the pool were expanded to include Hillary Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, and John Kerry.

Once these candidates are added to the mix, the race changes dramatically. Biden still leads with 19% of the Democratic vote, but Clinton comes in second with 18%. Warren falls to 13%, and Sanders to 12%.

When independents are added to the pool, the race gets even tighter, with Biden and Clinton tied at 13% each. Warren and Sanders also tie at 10% each.

The idea of Hillary Clinton entering the race at this late stage has been floated by several people. Even Clinton herself has been making the rounds on talk shows and podcasts, calling President Trump “an illegitimate president” on multiple occasions.

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