Sulli, South Korean K-Pop Star , Is Found Dead

  • Sulli, South Korean K-Pop Star and Actress, Is Found Dead
    Sulli, 25, was known for being outspoken. She was found in her home on Monday, the authorities said, with no signs of foul play. Sulli, South Korean K-Pop Star and Actress, Is Found Dead

The actress, singer and former K-pop band member Sulli, 25, was found dead in her home on Monday, the police said.

K-pop star and actress Sulli, 25, was found dead at her home in Seoul on Monday, South Korean authorities say. Police said they found a note at the scene but did not release its contents. “So far, it seems she killed herself, but we will leave all possibilities open and investigate,” an official told CNN. “The investigation is ongoing and we won’t make presumptions about the cause of death,” said Kim Seong-tae, an official from the Seongnam Sujeong Police Department, adding that security-camera footage at Sulli’s home showed no signs of an intrusion. The pop-star’s manager said he spoke to her earlier in the day and then couldn’t reach her for several hours, prompting him to check at her home, where he says he found her dead. Sulli, whose legal name was Choi Jin-ri, began her career as a child actor and then joined the female k-pop band f(x) in 2009. She was known for being outspoken on feminist issues, a rare cause for female K-pop stars. She was reportedly suffering from “severe depression” before her death, police said. SM Entertainment, Sulli’s representatives, said in a statement that the news was “very hard to believe and sorrowful.”

Sulli was known for being relatively candid in an industry that often rewarded glossy conformity, said Jeff Benjamin, the K-pop columnist at Billboard. “She really was an outspoken star in an industry that probably would have rather had her stay quiet,” he said.