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10 Mistakes Couples Make After A Love Making Session

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By Tiffany Jones
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Wait! Are you one of those who is making these mistakes that are killing the mood and affecting your following love-making sessions? It’s not too late to mend!

Have you been in a situation where you have just got back home and cannot wait to get intimate? Or… you find your partner all set waiting for you with candles lit up and bathtub ready? Cannot even wait to change and fresh-n-up? I am sure this is common to all!
You can no longer keep your hands off each other!
The fun begins and you are all over each other…
You had a sizzling love-making session…

But is there something you or your partner did soon after that killed the tempo?
The after-sex mistakes!
There are some things couples do that simply brings down the fun-o-meter and kills the bliss that you both were enjoying. Here are those mistakes you must avoid if you want to continue having a blissful life.

1. Rushing to the washroom to clean up.
If you can enjoy getting messy while doing it, then why can’t you wait for a li’l longer before cleaning up? Enjoy some moments with your partner after making love, everything else can wait!

2. Immediately grabbing something to eat.
If you rush to the kitchen or refrigerator soon after to eat or drink, it may signal that you were waiting to wrap up quickly and were thinking about eating all the while. This may not go down very well with your partner.

3. Leaving your partner to sleep in another room.
Even if you guys otherwise sleep in separate rooms, it is not a good idea to leave your partner alone in the room immediately after making out. You can always stay with him/her in his/her bed and have a cozy night ahead. Don’t let them sulk or feel incomplete with you gone to your bed.

4. Dozing off soon after.
Many couples (either one or both the partners) immediately tend to doze off after a love-making session. This is definitely not done.

5. Picking up your phone/novel as a bedtime tradition.
DON’T ever grab your phone to make a call or pick up your novel immediately after you are done making love. It may be your bedtime regime on regular days to call a friend or read some book but some moments are special, just keep them special!

6. Immediately starting to get dressed.
This will give your partner a feeling that you were in a hurry all the while and couldn’t wait to get dressed. You wouldn’t like it if your partner did that to you, would you? Let your eyes and smile and hugs wind it up eventually and smoothly for you.

7. Switching on the television.
Were you all the time thinking about that daily soap or football match while your hormones were on fire? This is what your partner will feel if you immediately switch on the television after making love. Not a good feeling!

8. Starting to complain about how you didn’t like this session as much.
Well, this can be quite embarrassing for your partner to hear he/she couldn’t satisfy you as well this time, and can immediately change the mood from “happy and satisfied” to “upset and incompetent”. The blame game can wait, just let the sexual bliss linger on for some more time.

9. Heading towards work or sit down to complete the pending office work.
A big NO! I understand you have an important assignment to finish but just give a little more time to your partner who is still drooling over the lovely time he/she just had.

10. Immediately calling your kids in.
Ok, so you got your kids busy in some video game or sent them to a neighbor to enjoy some “me and you” time alone. But immediately after you roll away from your partner, you grab your tee and call out to your kids.
Not fair! Your kids are enjoying, so should you, for a few more minutes. You do not want your partner to look flushed in front of the kids, do you?