Interview to Dr. Prithvi Singh Ravish Chairman Indo-Argentina Chamber of Commerce

By George Kissemme
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It is my honor to serve as the Chairman-cum-Managing Director and President of the Chamber, and further enhancing the focused efforts of the Chambers towards playing a catalytic role in enhancing Indo-Argentina Business agenda and commercial relations

ABC: It is an honor that you give us the possibility of being the first media of Argentina that can make an interview to the Ambassador Dr. Prithvi Singh Ravish. The first thing that we wanted to ask you is what was your idea of ​​creating the Indo Argentina Chamber of Commerce in India.

Dr. Ravish: As a facilitator my idea behind to create an independent impartial body in the name and style of “Indo-Argentina Chamber of Commerce” was to promote and boost up trade, tourism, agriculture and agro food products, investment programs, cultural and education exchange programs, industrial equipments and machines/tools import-export etc between India and Argentina business communities to strengthen mutual economic relations.

ABC: What is the vision and mission of the Chamber, which is the main objective? Do you feel that this bilateral Chamber since its opening is accomplishing your expectations?

Dr. Ravish: The Chamber vision and mission is focused towards playing a catalytic role in enhancing Indo-Argentina business agenda, commercial relations and to highlight Make-in-India programs jointly. We feel proud to see a fantastic accomplishment achieved beyond our expectation within first year of its opening.

ABC: Now that the Indo Argentina Chamber of Commerce was created two years ago,in what areas should be working more in a long term between India and Argentina?, What India thinks in general about Argentina? And how can we increase the trade exchange? Taking into account that India is one of the greatest powers in the world but we see that despite the very good relationship between both countries we need more trade. Does the Chamber, in addition to what has been doing in these two years, have a long-term plan to strengthen the relationship jointly with the embassies of India and Argentina?

Dr. Ravish: We want all the area should be opened up both way for hassle free trading of commodities, industrial parts, agricultural tools-equipments and machineries, to promote tourism-cultural and country folk programs, research scholarship and educational exchange programs as a career pathway for students interested in overseas study. India government have already been announced an open invitation to come up under the scheme ‘Make in India’ for foreign entrepreneurs, small-medium and large scale industries/companies in all sectors. Argentina’s Ambassador to the republic of India H.E. Mr. Raul Ignacio Guastavino has also given his consent to the chamber to extend Argentina’s full support and cooperation for Indian investors and all other business categories pathway to Argentina jointly in association with Indo-Argentina Chamber of Commerce in India to have long term relationship in trades and other areas.

ABC: We have seen the President of the Argentina Branch of the Chamber, Dr. Christian W. Meniw, has made a great job until now spreading India concept around entrepreneurs and Universities students, institutions, among others, in India is there this same concept of showing Argentina market in order to close these two countries? Or is there any action plan according spreading knowledge of the Argentina market?

Dr.Ravish: No doubt, we feel proud of our Argentina branch director and president Dr. Christian W. Meniw’s for his excellent performance and dynamic liaison skill. I always convey my best wishes, patting and shower of blessing to boost his morale high and encourage him to bring a delegation of Argentine business people of all taste and entrepreneurs to India for fast growth of Indo-Argentina markets.

ABC: Is there any plan to bring in the short term a delegation to invest or making joint ventures in Argentina? Were the medium and large companies well received in the Indo Argentina Chamber of Commerce located in India?

Dr. Ravish: Yes, we have lot of plan to bring in delegations of Indian investors, JV companies of all sizes and others interested in. As you know, India has a largest consumers market in the world. Beside that Indian workmanship skill is also highly appreciated and praiseworthy all around the world.

ABC: In your point of view, how do you see Argentina next year after new government assumes the Presidency? And what do you think that the Chamber of Commerce should do with the new Government of Argentina?

Dr. Ravish: My point of view towards Argentina is that we will remain ever trustworthy with the people of Argentina and Latin America and in future hope for the best and fruitful relations with upcoming new government of Argentina. So, it is understood that Indo Argentina Chamber of Commerce will extend its full cooperation and support via Indian Embassy in Buenos Aires as and when required .

ABC: What products do you recommend could be exported to India and what are the needs of the market?, since India is considered as one of the 5th largest consumers in the world and since now few people know about what can and cannot be exported.

Dr. Ravish: India’s requirements from Argentina imports will be mainly pulses, food grains, fresh fruits , edible oils and all other agro products, wools, leathers, ferroalloys etc. In lieu of that India exports to Argentina: Automobile parts and tools, Condiments, ready made garments , agricultural equipments and machines, organic chemicals, vehicles and auto-parts, lubricants, machineries, sound and image devices etc.

ABC: What is the plan of action in the short term, it means, by 2016?

Dr. Ravish: As a New Year welcoming note in honour to the new government of Argentina we would like to expect a strong business delegation from all areas of Argentina to India.

To conclude we would like to thank you on behalf of everyone here in Argentina that you have bet on the future of both countries by creating the Indo Argentina Chamber of Commerce working for getting ahead Argentina as well as India. It is a true honor that you be the Chairman of the Indo Argentina Chamber of Commerce. Thank you again for everything!