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RELATOS SALVAJES won a Goya in the prelude to the Oscars

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The blockbuster film of Damien Szifrón won Best Latin American Film

The movie "Wild Stories" Damian Szifron, a delirious compilation of desperate reactions to oppression and injustice, and record box office in Argentina with almost 4 million viewers, the jackpot was the best movie of Iberoamericana acclaimed Goya of the Spanish Academy, delivered this weekend in Madrid. The Argentina competed with Cuba presented "Conduct" Ernesto Daranas, with Venezuelan "The Longest Distance" Claudia Pinto, and the coproduction of Uruguay-Spain-Germany, "Kaplan" Alvaro Brechner.

"Relatos Salvajes" starring Ricardo Darin, Oscar Martinez, Dario Grandinetti, Erica Rivas and Leonardo Sbaraglia, among others, was in this edition of the Spanish Goya's third film with more nominations, had 9 nominations Goya, including also the Best film (Spanish), as the film is co-produced with this country. The big winner was the film "The Low Island" by Alberto Rodríguez that took 10 of the 17 nominations to which he aspired. This film tells the story of two policemen in the 80s, ideologically opposed, who are sent to Madrid to a remote southern village, located in the Guadalquivir marshes, to investigate the disappearance of two teenage girls.

The countdown to the Oscars, has begun. Waiting for the ceremony that will take place next February 22, at 22 am and will be broadcast on cable channel TNT, Argentina film will face the Polish "Ida" Russian "Leviathan" Estonia "Tangerines "and Mauritania" Timbuktu ". Below is the full list of winners of the 29th installment of the Goya awards:

Best Picture: "The minimum Island" by Alberto Rodríguez.

Best Director: Alberto Rodríguez, for "The minimum island."

Best New Director: Carlos Marques-Marcet, for "10,000 km".

Best Original Screenplay: Alberto Rodriguez, Rafael Cobos, for "The minimum island."

Best Adapted Screenplay: Clare Garcia, Christopher Ruiz, Javier Fesser for "Mort and Phil with Jimmy's Randy".

Best Lead Actor: Javier Gutierrez for "The minimum island."

Best Lead Actress: Bárbara Lennie, for "Magical Girl".

Best Supporting Actor: Karra Elejalde, for "Eight Basque surnames".

Best Supporting Actress: Carmen Machi, for "Eight Basque surnames".

Best Newcomer: Dani Rovira, for "Eight Basque surnames".

Best Actress; Nerea Barros, for "The minimum island."

Best Animated Film: "Mort and Phil with Jimmy's Randy".

Best Documentary Film: "Paco de Lucía: search".

Best original soundtrack: Julio de la Rosa, for "The minimum island."

Best Original Song: "Child without fear" D.Santisteban, I.Martínez, Riki Rivera, by "El Niño".

Best Production: Edmon Roch, Toni Novella, by "El Niño".

Best Cinematography: Alex Catalan for "The minimum island."

Best Editing: José M. G Moyano, for "low island".

Best Art Direction: Pepe Dominguez, for "The minimum island."

Best Costume Design: Tatiana Hernandez for "El Niño".

Best Makeup and / or hairdresser: Carmen Veinat Jose Quetglas for "Shrews".

Best Sound: Marc Orts, Oriol Tarrago, Sergio Bürmann, by "El Niño".

Best Special Effects: Guillermo Orbe, Raúl Romanillos, by "El Niño".

Best Ibero-American Film: Wild "Stories Damian Szifron (Argentina-Spain).

Goya Award of honor: Antonio Banderas.

Best European Film: "Ida" by Pawel Pawlowsky (Poland).

Spanish Best Short Fiction: "Coffee To Go" by Patricia Font.

Spanish Best Short Animation: "John and the cloud" by Giovanni Maccelli.

Best Spanish short documentary: "Walls (If these Walls Could Talk)" by Miguel López Beraza.

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