Announcing the Public Affairs Section Small Grants Program 2015

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The deadline for submission of grant proposals for the first cycle is Jan 30, 2015

The Public Affairs Section of the United States Embassy in Argentina is pleased to announce the opening competition for this year’s Small Grants Program. The Small Grants Program is designed to assist Argentine organizations in carrying out their programs aimed at enhancing communities, providing new opportunities for citizen engagement and promoting and advancing issues of public importance, focusing on, but not limited to, the following topics:

Environment/science/technology/health themes;
English language teaching and learning;
Democracy and transparency;
Entrepreneurship and innovation;
Arts programming which promotes shared values and creativity.

Grants will be awarded in amounts up to a maximum of AR$165,000. Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate cost-sharing, public-private partnerships, cooperation among multiple partners, or innovative means to implement cost savings (e.g. implementing digital technology, etc.) in their proposals. Applicants may be either NGOs with a valid Inspección General de Justicia registration or individuals.

In addition, the Embassy accepts and processes “rapid response” grant requests on a monthly basis for grant requests that are less than AR$40,000. These grants are for smaller projects that address the priority areas noted above and that have more immediate requirements.

Organizations and individuals wishing to submit proposals to the Public Affairs Section should complete the forms located on this page as well as a budget narrative that provides specific details on how the budget line-items will be used and what they will cover. Please submit complete application packages by e-mail to It is advisable to submit proposals as far in advance as possible, and we suggest applying at least three months in advance of implementation.

The deadline for submission of grant proposals for the first cycle is Jan 30, 2015.

The Public Affairs Section considers all applications received, and provides a written response on all submissions. Applicants will receive notice of a decision by March 6, 2015. Proposals may be submitted in English or Spanish.

We will announce future calls for proposal later in 2015.

For “Rapid Response” grant requests up to AR$40,000

Monthly due date: 10th of each month
Decision provided by 1st of the following month

Proposals must include the following documents to be considered:

Project Narrative: Provide a summary of the project description with reference to the amount and duration of the funding request. This should include the specific goals and anticipated achievements of the project.

Budget Breakdown: Provide an itemized spreadsheet of costs, including unit costs, quantities and any other relevant information that may impact total cost of project.

Project Timeline: Estimate time needed for preparation, execution, and evaluation; for long-term projects, at least quarterly benchmarks should be included.

Monitoring Plan: Include a plan of action that describes how you will evaluate the proposed project.

Reporting Requirements: All awards issued under this announcement will require both program and financial reports on a frequency specified in the award agreement. The disbursement of funds may be tied to submission of these reports in a timely manner. All other details related to award administration will be specified in award agreement as well.

Please contact with any questions or for more information.