Successfully developed the VI Festival of India in Buenos Aires

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Every year has a large display of beautiful crafts, jewelry, home furnishings, silver and wood products, clothing and other items from India, thanks to the Council for the Promotion of Crafts of India (EPCH)

In the Borges Cultural Center VI Festival of India takes place in Buenos Aires.

It full of activities, some 50 special events, will run until November 23 showing this ancient culture dye that landed in the city with color, aromas, brightness and the most attractive aspects of the Indian world.

Loaded with activities ranging from dining, photographic, audio samples to tourism and sport the sixth edition was inaugurated last Friday.

The ceremony was led by the Indian ambassador to Argentina Amarendra Khatua, the participation of artists, the delegation of artisans arrival in that country and especially Mrs. Karina Rabolini, wife of Governor Scioli, because it is a festival dedicated to women.

It followed this with a "Seminar Argentina audiovisual cooperation India- South-South" in which Pablo Cesar and Ernesto Baca shared their original and profound experience of being Western directors taking part and interpreting scholarship "Elephant" of Asia.

"The surprise of the day, to meet with the locals, portraying people who are free," Ernesto as well recalls the experience of filming in the far country, "there was a surprise because the whole way we had to make movie had to change. they think things so that different from what we think the best thing we did was get carried away, "Baca solves who is already working on his next independent film" Mother Ganges ".

The attraction is so strong that the intention of this duo turns iron to convey through his vision adapted multiculturalism and the infinite resources "We are facing an ancient civilization" says Cesar, "Our history, beyond what one can say revisionism is new it was a continent deleted and slaughter was called, decorously, conquest;.. that sounds so romantic we facing India, a culture that comes from who knows when because there are very ancient texts some of which fruit garden Unicorn: mentioned in my film, "referring to his work filmed entirely in Hindu floor. Inside the auditorium Williams, who was decorated with saumerio and flowers, attendees could appreciate both directors trailer for complete interpenetration of their work and vision.

The Indian film industry is the largest with an estimated 3,000 titles per annum, demonstrating an oiled creation process that facilitates the number of feature films, all strongly influenced by elements of their tradition accompanied by music and dance.

As in all previous editions of the Festival 2014 allows us to feel on the streets of a market in Delhi or Bombay to walk the first and second floor of Borges Cultural Center where more than 50 exhibitors displayed an unmissable variety of typical elements, costumes and beautiful Sari, typical woman suit, Dhoti, the man; plus many opportunities and decorative elements.

The agenda of the Festival 2014 edition holds the best of this wonderful world, here are some of captive quotes:

In addition to the craft fair which can be visited every day in the center Borges, activities in the coming days:

Tuesday 18

17 hs. Yoga Seminar

Brahma Kumaris in Williams room.

19 pm. Classical Dances of India

Company Gungur auditorium Piazzolla.

19.15 pm, Cinema of India

Wednesday 19

at 17 pm Seminar "India Presence of Argentinean universities"

moderated by Dr. Lia de la Vega

Lic. Maria Agostina Cacault, lic. Lucia Ibarra and lic. Gabriel Martino.

19 pm. Dance India

Company Durgama auditorium Piazzolla

20.30 pm. Music of India

Sanjay Bhadoriya and Mario Perkins in auditorium Piazzolla.

19.15 pm. Film Festival of India.

Thursday 20

17 hs. Seminar on Tourism

Travel Corporation India in Williams room.

19 pm. Classical Dances of India Anandini Dasi

company Rasamrit

Natya Yoga's guest artist in auditorium Piazzolla.

19.15 hs Film Festival India.

Friday 21

17 hs. Seminar "The heroes of the Mahabharata and its validity"

Dr. Olivia Cattedra and Lic. Hugo Labate in Williams room.

20 hs. Music of India

Sargam school assembly hall in Williams

19.15 pm. India Film Festival.

Saturday 22

15 hs. Entertainment Music and Dance: Music of Joy

Sahaja Yoga in auditorium Piazzolla.

16 hs. Theatre in India with Geraldine Williams Self seminar room.

17.30 pm. Ayurveda seminar

Dr. Jorge Berra in Williams room.

19 pm. Indian Classical Dance

Janaki Rangarajan guest artist in auditorium Piazzolla.

19:15 pm Indian Cinema

Sunday 23

15 hs. Music of India

Look Tevsic in auditorium Piazzolla.

16 hs. India Seminar kitchen

Ranindra Nath Williams Jara room.

18 hs Classical Dances of India

Janaki Rangarajan

20 hs. Closing the Festival

Events in other areas:

Hotel Sheraton Retiro:

Gastronomy Festival of India

from 19 to 23 November 20 23:30

Villa Ocampo, Beccar:

Sunday 23 at 1630 conference "Rabindranath Tagore and Victorio Ocampo, souls close to distant subjects"

Seminar Trade with India

14th 9-14 pm at CAC

Traslation Belèn Zapata