The president criticized judge Griesa and the American government

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"If anything happens to one looking to the east, look to the North," said one of his harshest both against the American government as against Judge Thomas Griesa, which she described as "senile" speeches to determine the contempt

"I'm not naive. This is not an isolated move from a senile judge in New York because the vultures eagles seem empires" downloaded when averaged post in the Government House and warned that talk of contempt issued before last Griesa decision which she described as "nonsense".

Cristina Kirchner said directly to the charge d'affaires of the embassy, Kevin Sullivan, who last week had said that Argentina had to quickly exit the default, banned word in the presidential speech. "I know him and know who he is," warned the diplomat, and considered the recommendation made for tourists visiting the country was a "huge challenge" in which she would not fall. "We're not going to take and we're going up the climb" rule.

President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner announced that were deposited 161 million for the payment of the second installment of the debt with creditors who benefited from the restructuring, and confirmed that "this December 31 Discount voucher expires and they deposited to pay it $ 100 million”.

He argued that these payments are made by the country "in the exercise of its sovereignty and in accordance with the powers granted to the Executive Branch the Constitution, and to recognize the Charter of the United Nations, the OAS and all countries" adhering to international standards.

Referring to the statement by "disrespect" made by American justice to Argentina by penalty achieved in the Congress of the law of sovereign debt repayment, it considered that the decision of Judge Thomas Griesa shows that he "has never come so away: it is nonsense, and continue adding nonsense ".

He said reading the audience led by Griesa in which he decided contempt, we found that the judge made ​​the right decision two days before the Argentina make the repayment of the debt, as when he delivered the judgment in against the country the day before the deposition of the first installment of that payment.

"The problem is not with the holdauts, the problem is that they want to tear down the restructuring of sovereign debt", said the president, who estimated that such measures against the country suggest that "want to return to debt thousand million and if that means they have to wipe sovereignty with respect to international standards, they have no problem, they raze as they raze all throughout the world"

He stated that "it is not a problem of a government, or a political party; the debt problem is for all Argentines”

"I'm not surprised by the statement of contempt - she said - and that in twenty or thirty days we put economic sanctions; Persian may decide if I get to New York, but still I will go when I have to go”

Said the President that "I am not naive, because this is not accidental, can not be thought to be an isolated movement of a senile judge in New York: it would be naive and I am neither naive nor stupid and vultures also appear the eagles have the same profile. "

Emphasized that "today was widely disseminated in all media a formal notice of the Embassy of the United States to American citizens residing in the country and tourists, warning that terrible things happen in Argentina, and if you read it, it seems a chronology of what appears in all hegemonic media. "

"They pose as if we lived in the worst time of the far west," she added, and said that "this is an immense challenge in which I will not fall."

"Sure he stated that the drafted the note announcing the default in Argentina, but we will not take the country, because we already know; if we threw out there, the one that comes not know who is and is a double problem: when you have to let him know that youknow him. "

"I think the letter sent today a joint designed to provoke," defined the President, but added: "I ​​want to tell all Argentines that I'm not angry, I'm not going to be seen angry, because when one rules can not get angry, has too many responsibilities and must act with a cool head and warm heart. "

But she said "my goal is really, as representative of the 40 million Argentines, who respect us as a country, which is the first thing we have to ask, let Peronists, Radicals, communists, atheists, Catholics respect the national sovereignty the country, its institutions, its Executive, to its legislature, because we are in a democratic country "

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