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Dr. Erica Polonsky and laser aesthetic medicine

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By Karina Giorgenello @karinagiorgenello
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The renowned Dr.. Polonsky Erica gave us details of the modern treatments ranging from laser liposuction, anti orthomolecular medicine age to hair removal

The latest in non-invasive aesthetic medicine can be enjoyed in Buenos Aires through the 6 centers of laser aesthetic medicine Dr. Erica Polonsky. No need for painful or annoying processes postoperative bed rest, non-invasive aesthetic medicine tries to achieve results with the latest technology in the world and without surgery. With 17 years of experience serving the body and facial aesthetics, dr. Erica Polonsky tells us that 100,000 treatments have been performed over the years and that "are leaders and pioneers in laser hair removal in Argentina", for example. Dedicated to the face and body beauty, dra Polonsky is also visited by celebrities looking to improve their image.


Laser Liposuction: "It's a quick treatments and the results are fast," says Dr. Polosky "It's not surgical, because we do not do anything surgical or operate, no cutting, no incision not do anything like that. Through a laser fiber that is very thin as Tansa applies, the fat passes into the liquid state and is excreted in the urine. "This novel treatment dissolves fat in one sitting, using a sterile laser fiber can convert from solid to liquid state. Later the body handles naturally eliminate via the lymphatics.

It is ideal for people who do not want to undergo a surgery, minimally-invasive, painless, with spectacular results in minimal time, outpatient treatment. The results are shown in reduced size while the loose skin.


Treatment that combines four technologies in one session with one machine: RF, Infrared laser, vacuum therapy and massage roller. Shapes the body contour, reduce the appearance of cellulite, eliminate localized fat and firms the skin. After the first session and firmer, softer and smoother skin shows. The treatment is safe and effective for all skin types and color, without side effects.

Orthomolecular Medicine:

Vaccine anti-age (Vitacell) Dr. Polosky says that there is a treatment that is very successful and is inside a stem cell treatment. It is an application of embryonic stem cells for changes in the various organs. Perform a rejuvenation of organs. This is reflected in the skin and mood changes. It is a Swiss-based vaccine, anti-aging, restores and revitalizes the body's vital functions and puts the brakes to aging. It is a complex of powerful bio stimulant which improves all bodily functions.

Permanent hair removal: For a while now we have the latest technology that is passed quickly, for any skin types in all year round, in 5 or 6 sections see major changes made​​, Dr. Polosky says. We have the most effective methods in the market with regard to permanent hair removal: Soprano XL and Depilight.

Both technologies allow through its laser scanning system, depilatory quickly, effective and virtually painless. Applicable to all kinds of skin and hair, with greater effectiveness compared with other technologies.

Having both technologies allows us to advise our patients on the use of either alternative considering: Features hair, carrying previous treatments, age and of course of treatment costs. Both provide optimal results from the progressive heating of the dermis to a temperature that removes permanently follicle and prevent re-growth, analgesics or without extra cooling systems.

The treatment can be done in different areas of the body, such as legs, arms, face, armpits, dug, back, abdomen, buttocks, etc.

They are treatments that can be performed at any time of year, and you can perform on tanned skin.



The treatment involves the application of botulinum toxin into the facial muscle to treat and can be used for correction of dynamic wrinkles mainly in forehead, frown lines and crow's feet. The action of botulinum toxin lasts approximately 4 to 6 months in most cases. Your application is safe and natural and excellent results are achieved and can immediately resume their daily lives.

Hyaluronic Acid:

The application of this material as fill is used to correct wrinkles, furrows and facial folds. Also to increase lip volume and contour. Thanks to its ability to retain water intensely hydrates the area where it is placed.

It is a quick and safe treatment because autologous is a substance that is normally in the body and tends to decline over the years. The results are very natural.

Other treatments:

Body Mesotherapy is effective to combat cellulite and fat deposits that are located in specific areas like the abdomen, buttocks, legs and thighs treatment.

Hidrolipoclasia: The term derives from the words hydro meaning water, lipo means fat and that means breaking clasia. It is done by applying saline areas of the body where fat and cellulite accumulate easily. Ultrasound is then applied in the same area.

Light Therapy: A light therapy device that works by emitting a high-energy light wave. The beneficial effects of Lumitone can be summarized in the biological effects of light on living tissue, converting light energy into cellular energy (biostimulation). Significantly improves the appearance of the orange peel and the smoothness of the treated area.


We work with very low prices in the market so they can come and request all the people have had to open several centers.


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