A picture, a thousand words

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The professional photographer is a lifestyle choice, it is a person whose only inevitable luggage is its camera and more than once, as in areas of armed conflict, is also its only defense

A picture worthmore than a thousand words, because the time is retained in our mind by the impact and clarity that is likely to cause, but knowing that behind every image there is a story worth telling is much more exciting. Knowing where and when the photo shoot is for their vital reporter code, beyond winning or not recognition the click does by instinct and in response to what the heart dictates. Today, like conventional journalism is in a dispute against generators occasional or incidental information that have acceptable technology to portray an event or situation which is then replicated. But the professional photographer or photojournalist is a lifestyle choice, it is a person whose only inevitable luggage is its camera and more than once, as in areas of armed conflict, is also its only defense. Master is awake waiting their instinct, their sense of smell and hearing him tell his sight when is the right time that a picture worth a thousand words.

From Da Vinci to the present.

The history of photography has its beginnings much earlier than most of us could imagine. According to records the first steps of this art are in 1521 when one of the assistants of Leonardo Da Vinci began experimenting with silver salts and their photochromic properties. The task as we know it today began in 1826 when the French scientist Nicephore Niepce recorded the first photo "View from window LeGras".

For 1888 the contributions of Kodak house kick to give the amateur photography. The appearance of a machine with roller cargo to be transported aside flat plates so far were required. The First World War brings the photo journalism and the possibility of what happens in a place with images; the era of pictorials starts.

With a big jump in time we come to 1990 when the first digital camera appears, the technology used to operate the photos allows records to distort the image, manipulate it without losing photorealism.

1 - The War: The conflict between Israel and Palestine early twentieth century, but day after day amazes back and renew the harshness with which it lives in that part of the world.

2 - Peace: Rabbi Abraham Skorka and Islamic religious Omar Abboud with Pope Francisco. A Christian, a Jew and a Muslim, united against the sacred remains of the Temple of Jerusalem

3 - Language of genius: Einstein Spontaneous taken by Arthur Sasse. 1951.

4 - Lightning and lightning: single moment portrayed by Olivier Morin.

5 - The one: The October 17, 1945 Argentina witnessed an act of political spontaneity that would change the course of our country.

6 - Other: The eclectic and released it to Ellen DeGeneris again in issue number 86 of the most prized statuettes for film gave a bump with grace, ease and resourcefulness.

7 - La Bella: Change her hair color and his name, his fame exploded in an era where there was no silicone. The naturalness of Norma Jeane Mortenson (Marilyn) gained ground in studies of Twentieth-Century Fox

8 - Beauty: If there is a mythical NationalGeographic magazine cover that would be it. Steve Mc Curry made ​​this photograph in 1984 in the field of Nasir Bagh Afghan refugees in Pakistan during the Soviet invasion war to the region.

9 - Love: Faith is the last to be lost and love must be propeller action. The joy of a U.S. Marine by the end of World War II (1945) continues to this day in this iconic photo.

How to choose between them all?

We can make discoveries not consciously searched all around us. In photojournalism curiosity must be present, being ready as the Boy Scouts, when tuned to synthesize, reflect and cause the other thing. Passionate how different each day, it is not a monotonous job, it's something different every day, every moment is unique. Even when you want to recreate or repeat an image in a photography studio, it's never exactly the same.

Unique moments that life is made of, we invite you to see at photogallery iconic images that linger in the story and others are added to it.

traslation; Belén Zapata