De la Sota officially launched Caminos y Sabores Córdoba

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It will run from 27 to 30 September in the Ferial complex of the Mediterranean capital. The governor said the shows add to the rich tourist and gastronomy of the province and have predicted that "a complete success"

On the first day of the 10th national edition, was made the officially launched of Caminos y Sabores Córdoba, which will be from 27 to 30 September. Governor De la Sota, who was accompanied by ministers Llaryora Martin, George Lawson and Julian Lopez; and the owner of Cordoba Tourism Agency, Gustavo Santos, confident that Argentina will become the major supplier of food the world needs and called for the "diversification of production so that our country can also export biofuels, minerals and energy enabling a better future for our descendants".

Speaking to the media present, including ABC Mundial and Cadena 3, the Governor noted that "shows like this greatly encourage the processing capacity of our people, which in itself is good and varied," said the governor, who also appealed to "partying" Cordoba assumed that all self-respecting character. "All our holidays are dining as the food unites us and allows us to share. We want Caminos y Sabores Cordoba be a great event, "he said, and yearned that when the curtain goes down on September 30, everyone has the full assurance that the task was accomplished by far so that Caminos y Sabores Córdoba accrues in a new annual Cordovan classic.

Meanwhile, Marcela Noble Herrera, representing the Executive Committee of Ways and Flavors, recalled that in 2012 De la Sota proposed bringing the shows to Cordoba. "A few months ago the lawyer Gustavo Santos, president of Ente Tourism Cordoba ended convince us that the Mediterranean province was the place to move into the fair," he revealed.

Noble Herrera also was excited to measure the importance of a sample that meets his ten years. "Caminos y Sabores represents a great effort, convinced that it is our part to think of a better Argentina, allowing regional producers grow and their products are known. So worth that this enhancement of what we do and we know you can have your reply in Córdoba "he said.

Post also participated Cordoba Ministers of Industry, Trade and Mining, Martin Llaryora; of Agriculture, Livestock and Food, Julian Lopez, and Communications and Strategic Development, George Lawson. A Noble Herrera accompanied Eugenio Schlossberg, Thomas and Martin Salvagni Schvartzman, members of the Executive Committee of Ways and Flavors, and Claudia Bachur, general coordinator of the sample.

Cordobeza presence in Buenos Aires:

The fair usually convene some 100 thousand people who walk its 400 stands to meet a varied sample of typical products of each province, organized into categories such as cheese, meats, beverages, spices, oils, teas and sweets.

The Cordoba Tourism Agency is further expected that every day in the place of meeting an animation with product giveaways and the presentation of "the longest sausage in the world" 18m a sausage prepared by the firm GRION Caroya Cologne is made .

On Saturday 5, at 17:30, Córdoba will try to show off with the presentation of its cuisine festivals, circumstances in which it will release the National Party of Alfajor, Homemade Salame, Viennese Pastry, the Typical Foods Caroyenses and Communities of Alta Gracia, the latter two with live cooking demonstrations.

Sunday will be the turn of the presentation of organic olive oils Sierra Pure and goat cheese gourmet Three Texas.

The Cordoba offer

Córdoba is represented, among others, the following speakers:

Trail of Meat

Monier (Oncativo) GRION (Cologne Caroya) and Pig Stuff at St. Frances Cheese (both from Alta Gracia)

Road Oils

Sierra Pura (Luyaba) and Nutrim (Hernando).

Camino de los Dulces

Alfajores Estancia El Rosario (La Cumbre), Alfajores La Quinta (Villa Carlos Paz), Alfajores Cordobesas Customs (Lake Villa), Alfajores Elmira Castro (Villa Brochero), Real Honey, Nectar and Elven Village (San Marcos Sierra), Peanut Butter The Country, Joan House, deli, herbs and sweet (San Javier).

Trail of cheese

Goat Cheese Three Texas (Traslasierras) Pickled Wild Duo, Don Santiago gourmet cheese (Calchín).

Trail drinks

The Caroyense and Córdoba Terruños wine (Cologne Caroya), Bodega The straws (Villa Berna), Old Munich Beer, Delicatessen Juan Villa (Villa General Belgrano), Chopp Cassaro (Córdoba), Fernet and Liquors Beney (Traslasierras).

Rates and schedules

The Fair takes place in La Rural and income is made by Sarmiento Avenue 2704 The exhibition can be visited from 12 to 21 hours.; 60 pesos entrance and exits the box office will be enabled from 11.30 to 20.30.

traslation: Belén Zapata