Costa Neoclassica will add to the Costa fleet for the 2015 season

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During the European winter season the ship will offer exclusive itineraries in the Indian Ocean. Then in summer, will carry cruise from Istanbul to the Greek Islands

The concept of Costa neoCollection expands with the addition of Costa Neoclassica, ship that will join the Costa neoRomantica and Costa neoRiviera, offering a new kind of 'slow cruise' designed to maximize every minute cruise to a relaxed pace . From December 2014, after a major refurbishment, the Costa Classica (53,000 tons and 654 cabins) only offer new cruise destinations, and under the name of Costa Neoclassica. Some of them will be the Indian Ocean during the European winter, and Istanbul and the Greek Islands in the summer.

With the introduction of Costa Neoclassica, the offer of the Costa neoCollection from December 2014 to November 2015 cover around 18 routes in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the United Arab Emirates and Oman, and Africa.

The inaugural cruise Costa Neoclassica, 26 nights, depart from Savona on December 18, 2014, to Egypt, Israel, Jordan, the Seychelles, Madagascar, Reunion and Mauritius.

On the other hand, the Costa neoRiviera (48,200 tons and 624 booths) will offer 7-night cruises from 7 December until February 1, 2015, starting from Dubai to Muscat and Abu Dhabi, with longer stops in each port, allowing guests to relax and explore each destination. After great success in 2014, the ship will repeat the extraordinary journey of 62 nights, departing from Dubai on February 8, 2015, with final destination Africa. The itinerary is a trip around the great continent offering the unique opportunity to combine the most beautiful beaches of the Indian Ocean with the adventure of a safari in South Africa.

For his part, Costa neoRomantica (56,000 tons and 789 cabins) will operate in the Mediterranean from Savona, Naples and Marseilles with an itinerary of 13 nights from January 6 to April 24, and then from September 30 to 29 November 2015. An ideally cruise to discover places rich in history and culture as Kalamata, Nafplio, Volos and Athens-Piraeus and the stunning cities of Trapani, Sicily, and Marseille, France.

Cruises of the Costa neoCollection also offer a different way to experience the Mediterranean for the European spring / summer 2015.

The Costa neoRiviera 12-night cruises take place away from the bustle of mass tourism, sailing to the most attractive destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. While Costa Neoclassica will depart with one-week cruises from Istanbul to Turkey and Greece. And during the spring and autumn Europeans, the Costa Neoclassica, will operate in the Mediterranean from Venice and Ancona, on trips to discover 11 night Mediterranean cities, history and culture. And in spring, also will offer 16-night itineraries to reach the Black Sea.

And since May 20, 2015, and throughout the European summer, for anyone wanting to experience the shortest night of the world and discover the kingdom of ice, will neoRomantica Costa cruises 13 and 16 nights in Northern Europe, beyond the Arctic Circle and to the Svalbard Islands.

From May to August, those wishing to see the midnight sun in the far north of Norway may choose a 13-night itinerary from Hamburg, which represents a unique opportunity to visit amazing destinations where fjords, waterfalls and vegetation thick are the dominant natural features of a wonderful landscape.

These are the "ingredients" that highlight a Costa cruise neoCollection:

It is ideal for couples, for a honey moon and a very special group of friends, with services of the highest quality designed to allow each guest to experience the cruise at your own pace, with freedom and flexibility.

It offers unique destinations, with great natural landscapes and magnificent cultural attractions, places that are inaccessible to larger vessels, including some that have been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Scales prolonged on each port, very often two days, allowing more time on land and the opportunity to fully explore each destination visited by new trips "neo experience" - as tours for small groups of no more than 25 people and planned to detail to maximize the culture, landscapes and flavors of each city.

Culinary and wine offer is simply amazing: on board and ashore, Guests enjoy local dishes made with the finest ingredients available in the different ports of call. The menus in the restaurants and buffets regional recipes that follow include the great culinary and cultural traditions of each place. Consistent with the slow pace of Costa Cruises neoCollection, dine at any time without having to choose any particular table. The continued focus on slow food land where prolonged scales allow sample local produce and dine in local restaurants.

traslation: Belén Zapata