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Gastón Ferro assures us "in Skull Tattoo we have artists, for me it is a marked difference. Artist defines what is aesthetically right for the customer and the idea will bring you design something to be as correct and aesthetic"

Gastón Ferro owns Skull Tattoo, a studio dedicated to tattoos and piercing located in the heart of Palermo Soho. Great atmosphere, humor, creativity of the best artists and the most stringent safety standards are the key features of Skull Tattoo, which is mounted at the level of the most famous houses dedicated to tattoos of Miami, Los Angeles, London and Las Vegas. Just start the conversation with Gaston Ferro with a reference to the significance of tattoos media, such as television programs Bad Ink: clean slate, Driven by the tattooist (expert coverage) Dirk Vermin and his friend Rob Rockus, emitting channel A & E. "The truth is a field that is increasingly instilled in Argentina and the world," Gaston says, "Today you see celebrities like Angelina Jolie, David Beckham and closer Marcello Tinelli with tattoos."

He believes that "maybe that made ​​the tattoo more popular and people are encouraged to tip a little more and do not relate with both under the heavy rock culture and a dark place. Several years ago I was on the sidewalk, looked someone tattooed and looked askance or me crossing sidewalk because I thought it was something dark. Now this more related to aesthetics, personal meanings for each. The reality is that it has become more popular, people are encouraged much more "says sitting in the lobby of the local baroque. With the rise of tattoos and how popular they became "We are thrilled that the artist can begin to cope with much more freedom and more public covering, now studying people come from middle class, upper middle class, the pope and the mother with son, "he said by way of example.


We are aware that "Several regulations' Not as simple as catching the needle pigments and get a tattoo. Enabled when a tattoo should be respected biosecurity measures are met here. There is a regulation that is quite contemporary in what is enabling studies tattoos and / or piercing. The regulations are now much bigger and allude to the rules must be met in invasive experiments. Is superficial but invasive". For example for the" sterilization a special oven is needed "and the work has to do with needles. Tattooists before beginning" should show the maturity date of the needles, use hypoallergenic pigments plant. Make health and safety courses.

Practically you have to comply with the regulations as to enable a dental center", said Ferro.


Proud Gastón Ferro assures us "in Skull Tattoo we have artists, for me it is a marked difference. A tattoo artist is a person who holds a design set, copy it and do it. But for me an artist is someone who before starting work will see your anatomy, you will see where your muscle begins and ends, to see your movement, to see if over time it can be deformed. Artist defines what is aesthetically right for the customer and the idea to bring him going try to design something to make it as accurate and aesthetic at the same time".


He smiles and says, "Usually happens. Here are many people who wants to cover over or do a cover, you have to take into account many variables, it is not as simple as putting a piece on what I want to delete should be used quite dark colors. And full black. Should consider sizes. If I have a tattoo of 10 cm have to think about a tattoo of 20 cm in diameter. Because on the old tattoo have to do a dark plate and on that I do dark plate a design to accompany the color density. Former tattoo is not cleared, it should cover it. When doing a tattoo first need to think very well what you want to do. And who wants to take life, is something it's for life.


We asked if they some enamored with the idea to tattoo their names or a date that one forever. "Particularly I have 3 tattoos that relate to my partner," he says. "One is a portrait of her become a Katrina, the date of our engagement and the first letter of her name, but recommending a client I ask them if they are safe." Return to smile. "Cannot deny it, but before I recommend and warn them many shared tattoos are not necessarily the name of the couple or the date of commitment is made, there can be a heart and a half so have one and half the other. so tomorrow you separate, and even though you know that you did with your ex, it is not the date or name. "

Think that "it is not like 50 years ago who married a lifetime. More in this age where they separate because they did cold coffee in the morning". The truth is that "we must be careful and be very safe. Avoid risk and tomorrow have to make a larger tattoo or having to go to a beauty salon for a painful and costly practice that involves months of treatment. Besides some colors are very difficult to remove. A tattoo do in half an hour but to remove it or try to hide 6 sessions are needed and with a much higher cost. "


"The price range of tattoos is very broad, it is not like buying a pack of cigarettes, the tattoo will depend largely design tattoos now, being so popular and with so much competition are visible and have a saying. Always you're going to get something cheaper".


"In the first tattoo come with many questions, of course, doing something invasive in the skin, advises and counsels". Gaston estimates that "here, after the first tattoo, 80 percent returned by the second and the third".


"We are opening in a few days Skull Tatto 2 in Plaza Serrano, we are finishing the final work, with the same quality of artists that is most difficult to achieve. There are a million tattooists, but few artists. We care about art, direct customer contact, advice, know that it is something for the whole life and treat it as such. Something very careful and not allow any part we leave unfinished or bad strokes". We leave with a broad idea about the world of tattoos and a pen with butterflies in one of our reporters. Thank you!


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Finally says "we recommend that you come for a personalized treatment, because there are many variables. Which talk without commitment to our artists, each has a special style."

Studio: Gurruchaga 1490, Palermo Soho, y Serrano 1550 (starting late May)