"Open the damn door" shouted the pilot Patrick Sondenheimer the copilot Andreas Lubitz

The Bild newspaper published an article in which it is stated that the plane took off after 10 am on Tuesday and the commander told the copilot Andreas Lubitz, who had not had time to go to the bathroom before leaving

Shortly before the Germanwings plane crashed in the French Alps, the aircraft commander asked the copilot shouts, Andreas Lubitz, to open "the damn door" of the cabin, trying to knock it down to shock, as clear recordings of the black boxes found.

When the copilot had driven system decline, and the French air traffic controllers had tried at 10:32 unsuccessfully to contact the plane, recording automatically records the signal loss alarm high, as revealed by the German newspaper Bild .

Then a blow listen, like someone trying to open a kick armored cabin door, and the voice of the commander, Patrick Sondenheimer, shouting: "For God's sake, open the door!". In the background the cries of the passengers are heard.

At 10:35, when the plane was still at 7000 meters, recording showed "strong clanking against the door of the cabin" as if it were being beaten.

About 90 seconds later, at 5000 meters, a new alarm is activated, and a new commander desperate cry is heard: "Open the damn door!". At 10.38, still some 4,000 meters, breathing passenger is heard. Lubitz not respond to calls.

At 10:40, the device plays with the right wing of the mountain and again the screams of the passengers, the last sounds that records the black box appear.