1. Argentina

    Islam teaches “Love for all, Hatred for none“

    2018-01-08 09:12

    Despite the fact that Muslims do not celebrate Christmas as a religious festival, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Argentina with the help of their friends...

    Marwan Gill, Imam of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association in Argentina [email protected]
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  2. Argentina

    My journey as a Muslim in Argentina

    2017-11-28 22:13

    One of the most memorable conversations I had with an Argentine was when I attended a meeting and introduced myself as an Islamic theologist. The reply immediately...

    Marwan Gill, Imam of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association in Argentina [email protected]
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  3. Argentina

    駐 阿根廷 台北 商務 文化 辦事處 舉辦 105 年 國慶 酒會

    2016-10-09 18:48

    為推廣台灣美食及慶祝中華民國建國105週年,駐阿根廷台北商務文化辦事處在阿根廷僑團、僑校及鄉親的通力配合下,10月5日晚間19時在位於首都的僑聯會館舉辦一年一度的國慶酒會。 因係首度在位於華人街的僑聯會館舉辦國慶活動,為了凸顯台灣人民好客的精神,經營餐館的台灣鄉親特別準備自家拿手佳餚,在酒會會場合辦台灣美食展,...

    Karina Giorgenello @KariGiorgenello
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  4. World

    The Perfect market for India & United Arab of Emirates: Latin America

    2015-10-20 22:11

    When we talk about Latin America, it comes to mind what is usually seen in the media, where it is talked about several stagnant economies except the Pacific...

    Dr. Christian W. Meniw, Presidente Indo Argentina Chamber of Commerce, Branch Argentina
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  5. Argentina

    It was premiere two weeks ago: Tevez to Boca

    2015-06-29 11:44

    Carlos Tevez closed his return to Boca, after intense negotiations with Juventus. The Apache, who had communicated its decision to settle in Argentina life of the...

    Dreck Barbera
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  6. World

    Russia challenges the West by announcing it will add 40 nuclear missiles to its arsenal

    2015-06-29 11:39

    The tension between Russia and the West in the last year and a half has increasingly own ingredients of the Cold War, which now diplomatic discussion by the arms...

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  7. America

    In San Pablo, Greenpeace mobilizes for water crisis

    2015-06-29 11:34

    This morning in the center of the Brazilian city, the association that defends environmental issues worldwide, conducted a campaign of protest against the lack of...

    Karina Laura Serra @KarinaLSerra
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  8. America

    Chilean tourism goal of 55 thousand visitors over the America's Cup

    2015-06-23 11:34

    According to statistics of the Police Investigations (PDI) obtained at all border access between 1 and June 14 they entered the country 139 000 foreigners from 11...

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