1. World

    Victoria’s Secret Angel Says She Will No Longer Undress for ‘an Empty Cause’

    2017-12-14 09:45

    Adriana Lima, a canon Victoria’s Secret angel since 1999, posted a life update on Instagram this weekend. The model announced that she would no longer take off her...

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  2. America

    Robbie Myers leaves Elle after 17 years as editor-in-chief

    2017-09-12 10:08

    Robbie Myers is saying farewell to Elle after 17 years as the fashion magazine’s editor-in-chief. In an email to the publication’s staff obtained by The Cut on...

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  3. America

    Chile court ruling ends abortion ban

    2017-08-21 17:38

    A Chilean court on Monday ruled that a law legalizing abortion in certain cases is constitutional, a win for President Michelle Bachelet's center-left coalition...

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  4. World

    Wonder Woman has been abruptly fired from her ambassador job at the UN

    2016-12-13 15:37

    Rheal LeBlanc, head of press and external relations, said Tuesday the appointment of Wonder Woman as an Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls...

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  5. Europe

    The best of Victoria's Secret show 2016

    2016-12-02 09:25

    Victoria’s Secret show, the models are as visible as the clothes that adorn their bodies. The Angels have attitude, they dance, have fun with live singers, draw...

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  6. World

    Women will be having more sex with ROBOTS than men by 2025

    2016-11-22 08:06

    WOMEN will be ditching men for ROBOTS when they want to get frisky in ten years’ time… and could ever start falling in love with the machines, according to a...

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  7. World

    New Victoria's Secret Images Feature Model Jasmine Tookes With Visible Stretch Marks

    2016-11-06 13:49

    Victoria’s Secret just released images of their shoot featuring Jasmine Tookes modeling the company's Fantasy Bra—and the pictures are amazing for three reasons....

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  8. World

    Power Twins: Daring the mountains for Girl Child

    2015-09-24 20:17

    So, you wonder, as many others have asked, “How can you ‘empower’ girls by climbing mountains”? Well, it is India. A nation whose best has outclassed the...

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