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  1. America

    The White House Details its Social Media Transition Plans

    2016-11-11 08:46

    To start, the president’s Twitter handle, @POTUS, will be given to the new president Jan. 20, 2017. The account will keep its 11 million followers, but it will...

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  2. World

    Samsung expects loss of over $3 billion

    2016-10-14 08:10

    South Korea's Samsung Electronics is predicting a loss of over three billion dollars for the six-month period until next March, due to a global halt in production...

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  3. World

    NASA Video Ultra HD 4K from the space station

    2015-06-23 11:58

    The US space agency begins to produce and upload videos on your YouTube channel at a resolution of 2160p at 60 fps (Ultra High Definition). Although NASA had...

    Por Martín Ernst
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  4. World

    The Philae probe batteries recovered and activated after 7 months

    2015-06-17 16:37

    The Philae probe on a comet fell woke up after seven months and managed to communicate with Earth for more than a minute, reported the European Space Agency. The...

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  5. World

    Glasses found on Mars and grows the possibility of extraterrestrial life

    2015-06-16 12:04

    With the discovery of glass on Mars the chance of finding evidence that there may have harbored life opens. NASA scientists found glass in impact craters on Mars...

    Por Raul Zapata, Subdirector de ABC Mundial @zaparaul
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  6. World

    Robocop become a reality in Dubai

    2015-05-21 11:48

    The future arrived, what we saw in films like Robocop will be realized as intelligent robots capable of interacting with citizens will patrol the streets of Dubai...

    Por Raul Zapata, Subdirector de ABC Mundial @zaparaul
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  7. World

    The Russian ship out of control disintegrated over the Pacific Ocean

    2015-05-10 20:33

    The "Progress M-27M" Russian space shuttle orbiting for days out of control, entered the Earth's atmosphere and disintegrated. Finely not met apocalyptic scenarios...

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  8. World

    The best kept secret on the Russian spacecraft falling uncontrollably toward Earth

    2015-05-01 20:16

    "If we had something material in our hands, we could determine what happened. At the moment, nobody has significant versions. It is very strange. Give them time to...

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