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  1. Europe

    Spain could apply Article 155 to Catalonia this Saturday

    2017-10-19 15:10

    At the end of the second term given by the Government to answer the Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont issued a communiqué stating that "if the State Government...

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  2. Europe

    Tension in Spain: Catalonia between the call for elections or article 155

    2017-10-18 17:23

    The Government will not apply the 155, which will remove powers to the Generalitat of Catalonia, if Puigdemont convenes elections, but the president does not raise...

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  3. World

    South Korea sees Trump as risk factor in conflict with Pyongyang

    2017-10-18 17:17

    In the middle of a tense calm, Donald Trump will visit Seoul to hold a summit with his counterpart Moon Jae In on November 7. The US president will hold a...

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  4. America

    Elections in Venezuela: US, OAS and Latin American countries question results

    2017-10-18 02:33

    Donald Trump said Tuesday night in a talk with The Heritage Foundation that the United States "faces socialist oppression in Venezuela". On Monday, Washington said...

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  5. Europe

    The law of the referendum 1-O of Catalonia is declared void

    2017-10-18 01:49

    The Constitutional Court has considered void, by unconstitutional, the law on which the referendum was based. The ruling denies the autonomous community the right...

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  6. World

    Trump has said that leaving the deal with Iran in a "very real possibility"

    2017-10-16 22:49

    Donald Trump announced Friday that he will hold US participation in the nuclear deal for now, but will withdraw from it unless the US Congress modifies it...

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  7. America

    Elections in Venezuela: the ruling party wins in 17 of the 23 governorates

    2017-10-16 01:08

    According to the National Electoral Council (CNE in spanish), the opposition candidates won in five states, while the results of the remaining region, the state of...

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  8. America

    Elections: Venezuela votes to elect governors

    2017-10-15 16:37

    The act that takes place at the time tries to recover the much damaged democracy in the country. However, there is no lack of cross-accusations, the ruling,...

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