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  1. World

    Stocks baulk at G20's protectionism shift, dollar six-week low

    2017-03-20 08:51

    World stocks opened the week on a cautious footing on Monday after the G20's decision to drop a pledge to avoid trade protectionism, while the U.S. Federal Reserve...

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  2. BRICS

    ABC INDIA Kamlesh Umale talk with MLA Bacchu Kadu

    2016-12-22 10:26

     Talked about development of Maharashtra and India with MLA Bacchu Kadu . Demonetization in India playing big role he said. He said let see what central...

    Por Kamlesh Umale, from Indian @KamleshUmale
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  3. Asia

    China set for slower growth

    2016-12-19 09:06

    China's economic growth is expected to cool in 2017 as its top leaders flag tighter monetary policy and further curbs to clamp down on asset price bubbles,...

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  4. America

    Venezuela postpones currency move after chaos, protests

    2016-12-18 11:07

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro suspended on Saturday the elimination of the country's largest denomination bill, which had sparked cash shortages and...

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  5. BRICS

    Fadnavis visits the construction site of Kavivarya Suresh Bhatt Sabhagruh

    2016-12-17 10:59

    CM Devendra Fadnavis visits the construction site of Kavivarya Suresh Bhatt Sabhagruh, Nagpur (seating capacity of 2000 with budget of ₹73 crore). This auditorium...

    Por Kamlesh Umale, from Indian @KamleshUmale
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  6. World

    Russian air strikes force Islamic State retreat in Syria's Palmyra

    2016-12-11 09:23

    Russian air strikes forced Islamic State fighters to retreat to the outskirts of Palmyra on Sunday, a day after they had stormed the ancient city in eastern Syria...

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  7. BRICS

    India takes steps to ease impact from banknote ban

    2016-11-25 09:02

    India will stop over-the-counter exchange of old currency notes, which were made illegal earlier this month, after midnight on Nov 24, the country's finance...

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  8. BRICS

    India abolishes largest banknotes

    2016-11-09 07:48

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the abolition of the country's largest-denomination banknotes to fight corruption. Modi said in a televised...

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