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  1. America

    Debbie Reynolds dies grieving for daughter Carrie Fisher

    2016-12-29 09:33

    Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds, who sang and danced her way into the hearts of millions of moviegoers around the world in musicals like "Singin' in the Rain,"...

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  2. World

    Overwatch Holiday Comic Reveals Tracer Is Gay

    2016-12-22 07:16

    Overwatch has just released its latest comic, the holiday-themed "Reflections," focused on the time-hopping hero Tracer. The comic features a heartwarming story...

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  3. America

    John Lennon Assassination Anniversary

    2016-12-08 13:38

    On a cold night 36 years ago, Mark David Chapman waited for John Lennon outside the New York City apartment building where the former Beatle lived with his wife...

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  4. World

    Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize in Literature 2016

    2016-10-13 08:51

    US singer Bob Dylan has been awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature. The 75-year-old rock legend received the prize "for having created new poetic expressions...

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  5. America

    Hot mugshot guy is out of jail and now he’s a model

    2016-03-10 10:41

    A convicted felon whose handsome booking photo went viral was released from federal prison this week, and he is now entertaining job offers. Jeremy Meeks was...

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  6. World

    George Martin, legendary producer for the Beatles, dead at 90

    2016-03-09 07:45

    George Martin, the “Fifth Beatle” and British treasure who signed the Fab Four to a label contract when no one else would, produced virtually all their songs...

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  7. World

    Bill Gates tops list of world’s richest with $75B fortune

    2016-03-02 09:31

    For a third straight year, the rest of the world’s billionaires are looking up at Bill Gates and his bulging bankbook. The Microsoft mogul/philanthropist ranked No...

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  8. America

    Taylor Swift’s $250k donation help Kesha battle Dr. Luke

    2016-02-23 09:49

    Taylor Swift is giving some financial assistance to fellow pop star Kesha as she fights to get out of a contract with a record producer she has accused of sexually...

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