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  1. World

    Toshiba expected to log huge loss

    2016-12-27 11:44

    Toshiba Corp said it may have to book several billion dollars in charges related to a U.S. nuclear power acquisition, a shock warning that sent its stock tumbling...

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  2. BRICS

    India will locally manufactured Carl-Gustaf Guns after pact with Swede

    2016-12-11 08:57

    India will make an advanced and the fourth version of the Carl-Gustaf rocket after a pact with Saab under the Make in India initiative. It were the same Carl-...

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  3. World

    AT&T to become media giant through acquisition

    2016-10-23 21:15

    US telecom firm AT&T says it has reached an agreement with media giant Time Warner to acquire the company for 85.4 billion dollars. AT&T is the world's...

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  4. BRICS

    Cisco launches manufacturing unit in Pune, to build Nagpur as Smart City

    2016-10-13 08:31

    Extremely delighted with Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins as Cisco launches India manufacturing operations in Maharashtra this evening. Thank you Mr Chuck Robbins &...

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  5. Argentina

    Miguel Angel Gutiérrez will be YPF’s New President

    2016-03-10 10:21

    Miguel Galuccio confirmed he will step down as head of the company on April 30. The Ministry, headed by Minister Juan José Aranguren, also informed that it has...

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  6. America

    Pressure builds on Volkswagen CEO

    2015-09-22 08:46

    The scandal engulfing Volkswagen, which has admitted cheating diesel vehicle emissions tests in the United States, spread on Tuesday as South Korea said it would...

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  7. America

    Elizabeth Auto Wrecking and the Donahue family

    2015-09-08 21:01

    A carpenter by trade, William Donahue worked nights for the Schaeffer brothers body shop using his skills on the mostly wooden bodies of the cars from that era. As...

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  8. Argentina

    YPF and premium fuel INFINIA in the Motor Show.

    2015-06-29 11:30

    Deepening their marketing strategy YPF Motor Show 2015 with a strong presence of its products, especially the new INFINIA premium fuel, which quickly gained the...

    Por Karina Giorgenello, @ABCMundial
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