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Dynasty Bush and Clinton are the favorites for the presidential primaries towards US

Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton have already formalized their campaigns. Jeb and Hillary tear as favorites for the Republican and Democratic presidential nominations course in the US in 2016

In the race to be the US President The Bush and The Clintons compete again. It happens that Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton have already formalized their campaigns. If we look at the statements of both opponents to the White House you can be determined that will be what will make the next elections: avoid stagnant wages and ensure economic prosperity in all social orders. At this point, both Bush and Clinton are better able to attract mass to American voters. A fact that comes accompanied by a strong recovery in the labor market, which has added more than a million jobs so far this year, and an economy that shrank 0.7 percent in the first quarter of 2015.

"America deserves better." At stake are "prosperity" and "security" of the country, he claimed the former governor of Florida. During the official launch of his campaign in Miami, Bush has made clear that his goal is to have an economy that grows at 4 percent and generate 19 million jobs during his hypothetical presidency, a hard fact to realize when you consider the current context . Neither the IMF nor the World Bank or the OECD projected growth rate above 3 percent for the largest economy in the coming years.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, Clinton appeared to her followers at a rally in New York where she clarified that try to take over the presidency of the United States to "make the economy work for you and for all Americans," as she lambasted strong inequalities that are living in the country. "Prosperity can not be just for CEOs and managers of investment funds. Democracy can not be just for billionaires and big business", defended the former first lady and senator from New York, along with Secretary of State while Republicans attacked for favoring the powerful with tax cuts and easing regulations.

Clinton has already surrounded by a team of more than 200 experts, where the Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz, Alan B. Krueger, a Princeton professor or former directors of her husband, Larry Summers and Robert E. Rubin include, to try to develop approaches that seek to reduce the social gap. In his presidential campaign seven years ago, the former first lady focused on the working class message assuring them that if they "worked hard and abided by the rules, should be able to thrive." That said, her speeches gold price on Wall Street, which has claimed up to $ 200,000 per occurrence, or the recent article in the New York Times on Eaglevale, the hedge fund that directs his son, Marc Mezvinsky, could present obstacles in medium-term future.

Meanwhile, Jeb Bush, who at this time traces its economic agenda could focus part of it in lower taxes. As governor of Florida, the Republican tax breaks applied to the value of 19,000 million dollars in addition to lay off a total of 13,000 civil servants and generate a surplus of 9.800 million. Impressive numbers but they are hard to replicate when you talk about an economy with a debt of 18 billion dollars.

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