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Masticar 2015, scrumptious!

This week a new edition of this gastronomic encounter came to the farm El Dorrego, Zapiola 50, to deploy a variety of flavors, aromas and textures that invite a tour of the length and breadth of our Argentina with just one bite

Organized by ACELGA (Association of Cooks and Company Linked to Food) began on Thursday and runs until tomorrow this convergence of national culinary heritages that are transformed to reach our days in versions that surprise the palate amicably. Tickets can be purchased at the farm gate and organized schedule allows visitors to tour all options for 12-23 hours. (attention than 22hs closed boxes and can no longer buy tickets prior exchange required to consume in the stands).

4 Days, 46 class, 10 Premium wineries, 26 bars and beverage options, 46 food and drink stalls, 140 dishes to choose from and over 80 products across the country show the effort that members of ACELGA by pluralize and awareness in the culinary field. Makes clear the slogan "eat the rich do well" and affirm each of the professionals from their positions thematically distributed to the guest not miss out on this globe of delicious things. Recommend some would limit the experience of enjoying surprising step by step.

But it's not just about eating, it's also about raising awareness about the use of noble product, plus a real taste, provide considerable nutritional load, use and reuse what we usually discarded without knowing the food potential it still holds . Therefore, wine in hand, you can participate in classes taught versed and knowledgeable in the very well disposed to the opposite end of the input stage, alongside foodtrucks, after passing through the market, gallery gourmet products and regional bags fill their hands with opportunities to enjoy at home (not despair. The organization foresaw a possible collapse of who enters to the sublime and give to your daily income / map for orientation). Stage by Beatriz already passed Chomnalez, Narda Lepez, Maru Botana, Donato de Santis, Dolly Irigoyen, Osvaldo Gross and others; but there is still presenting Francis Mallmann, Fernando Trocca, Juliana López May, Mauricio Couly and a long list of heavyweights to meet until Sunday when we shut until next year.

traslation: Belén Zapata