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Tatto Show: When tattoos are no longer just a matter of tough guys

The craze for tattoos go hand in hand growth tattooists level. Among the highlights: a tribute to Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock of Star Trek

The tattoo is no longer just a matter of tough guys, the weather was turning stigma about this art to become one of the most coveted objects of desire nowadays. Demonstrated in the growth of this expo since its inception in 2004 where Mandinga house was proposed to generate a meeting place for professionals to interact and also could provide his genius to the public. All in one place, until last year the Hotel Bahuen, and since then, year after year grew older, sharing experiences, being the mecca of the most renowned artists and most admired talents; in this opportunity while the number of exhibitors reaches 180 between tattooists, clothing, supplies and silverware.

Four out of ten people have at least one confirming the gains in popularity and acceptance, but also respects tradition, master a profession, vocation; and that is where remains of a select group worship. For connoisseurs and the curious proposals seem endless; besides being an opportunity to take home a beautiful tattoo hand some of the 15 invited artists from Peru, Costa Rica and Chile, all with excellent hand, we have two gems: Jr Machines Junior of Sao Paulo, Brazil, participating from the first edition and renews its staff of 40 tattoo artists at every opportunity and the visit of Steve Tefft at the booth of Ink Master, a finalist on the fourth season of American reality.

Diego Staropoli began in 1993 with a small study of tattoo and piercing in the neighborhood of Villa Lugano, since it is recognized as a fighter tattoo, creator of the Association of Tattooists Argentinos was the Mandinga which proposed a spin threaded conventions performing beyond 1st National Convention by 2004. But in the way of Mandinga reaped more in 2008 were chosen to sponsor two rural schools and since then its solidarity commitment did not stop. In this opportunity, who wish to collaborate, may bring your donation to the site by the entrance of Santa Fe Av.

Once in place the Continue Life Foundation awaits visitors to provide information about the importance of organ donation. Why Family Madinga takes much ink on his skin, talent in his hands and solidarity in his heart is worth closer to enjoy this event. More information Tatto Show 2015 and joint task Mandinga can find it in

traslation: Belén Zapata