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Fernando Lúpiz challenged to perform the musical of Pope Francis

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By Julieta Strasberg
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After the conclusion of the award-winning musical "The Canterville Ghost", Fernando Lúpiz, artistic godson unforgettable Guy Williams, will produce the musical Pope Francis

On February 8, the musical comedy "The Canterville Ghost" said goodbye to the season in Mar del Plata, after receiving two of the four nominations Starfish awards during the evening that took place last Monday 2 February at the Sports Centre Falkland Islands. Currently, its producer Fernando Lúpiz is planning the musical about the life of Pope Francis. We talked with him, who took stock of the work of The Phantom, his fascination with the circus and its projects. This told us:

Julieta Strasberg: "The Canterville Ghost" work that are producing with Montana Productions, was awarded with 2 Starfish of 4 nominations. How do you feel about this recognition?

Fernando Lúpiz: Always a mention or a prize is very welcome, but I admit that I was expecting, you know when the effort is going to work and I am sincere in being happy.

JS: How did the idea of producing "The Canterville Ghost"? What is the balance?

My partner Daniel Perez received a proposal from Leandro Garcia, producer zone (tours) and made the link with Angel Mahler, with whom we've known for a long time and also is a fan of Racing (he said laughing), we met and we buy the production (actors, costumes, etc.) and the right to perform the work for a while.

The balance is surprising. We knew the work Cibrian and Mahler was a guarantee, but did not know the group, which is very important to Montana, where we always take care of the casting and it has very good relations between all. It is one of our tools for a season without conflict and with joy in everything you can. This was accomplished and I can feel a great year began: with work, with excellence in delivery by the cast and grosos and good health technicians, which is already much.

JS: Your shows are for the whole family: Zorro, The Phantom ... what brings you choose this target public?

FL: Since 2000 I manage my own shows and five years ago we have the production company with offices in downtown ... always growing, slowly but surely, all the time we schedule things to come.

By starting with "Zorro" I left soaking in family child and also already had the experience of working in almost all the larger circuses in South America with Guy Williams. We have also produced a "Caviar" with Jean Françoise Walter Soares Casanovas and I feel very comfortable with adventures for the family. This is where I feel safe to visualize the scenes and I get to write with screenwriter.

JS: It's not just for the whole family, but also for the whole society. As I read some statements, they were an important part of social action from the show. How was that proposal?

FL: I hit the door at National Tourism Minister Meyer and bet on Social Inclusion. It helps with the place, light, homes for technicians hotels in Chapadmalal and more, in exchange for allowing a large quota of tickets to people who stay in hotels. I find it exciting as some never seen a play. It is very rewarding as a producer out of the public feel the raving of "Ghost"; I never lose the second act, especially the end, that makes you the hairs on end when the whole cast sings the public. You are excited every time.

JS: From some point experienced doing theater in a different format: carp (circus type). Could you say that you "fell in love with this expanded scenario"? What are the differences, benefits and challenges, including a theater and proposing such a large space such as that used for the Fox or currently for Phantom ...

FL: I feel fascination of seeing a show inside a tent. I always liked to get inside a tent and having to do a show with horses and giant scenery, which was closed do best in a large circus tent. Perhaps returns that impulse that gave the Podesta theater, doing a circus act and the second a play, back in 1900.

In "Zorro" and "Robin Hood" horses run behind the public and on center court, tennis always we set up to keep the little taste a circus and closeness with the actors in the sand and acrobats in the air, joined the trained horses, make everyone included in the work, it's great!

JS: Now, according to informed us your press chief, Clara Cano, Montana Productions was chosen to perform the musical about the life of Pope Francis. How will this challenge?

FL: IMC-International Merchandising Company-, chaired by Leonardo Gutter, has the rights of the family of the Pope. BMI has 47 licenses: The Simpsons, Zorro, Spiderman, among them. Gutter was the one who asked me to arming a strong team to meet the Pope's desire: to make a musical with the life of Jorge Bergoglio and thus expand the art and bring more faithful to the religion. For its part, the proceeds will be donated in full to Miserando ( and Caritas (

According Gutter, we chose the type of productions we have done with Montana Productions. They appreciated that we have a low profile and are not media, highlighted by venture for three years on social inclusion.

The writing team I put it together with Manuel González Gil and Martin Bianchedi in music creation. We are working for six months, and in some months we will have the book. Then we will see what the media to show it. Is likely to be itinerant, starting around the country and will be extended to other Latin American countries as we grow with noble request. The details of the casting will be announced in due course and, for now, just think of the content. It is curious whether your question will act in the music ... I swear it's the first time they make me think, but I think I would side of the producer enjoying something so unexpected. Is that in the Phantom of happiness overflowed people watching closely (public) standing and cheering pretty things that comment me out is very comforting.

I always want to be on stage, but create an art space as we have been doing for several seasons and already beginning to know who we are, who invented an artistic Polo's for Mar del Plata billboard, we are proud. Surely at some function I will wear ghost make up and I'll put the ring to feel one more of these characters who supposedly frightened and yet are more good than Lassie.

JS: Just thinking about your answer about your desire to get on stage, I thought last year, were acting for the Fox, and producing. This year did not You practiced twice role Did you miss not get on stage? Will we have to Fernando Lupiz soon tables with El Zorro or some other leading next?

FL: Yes, of course I'll Fox this year, but still projects and to not sign a responsibility I do not take for granted. Make Zorro is a passion I live, I enjoy it and gratifies me a lot emotionally. The same happens to the public happens to all of us at Zorro: Sorry we play in one of the chapters of the series and that is priceless.

traslation: Belén Zapata