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Los Amados 25th anniversary honoring Mexico

In its silver jubilee The Beloved honor the talent and love of Agustín Lara, the great Mexican singer. This Saturday at 20:30 in room Siranush, his last feature of the year.

Welcome to their world. In its first 25 years, interviewed the most beloved of all, their leader, "Chino Beloved".

In its silver jubilee The Beloved honor the talent and love of Agustín Lara, the great Mexican singer. This Saturday at 20:30 in room Siranush, his last feature of the year. Energy, love and fun in a show with feeling to the surface.

"Remember Acapulco, that night, pretty Mary, Mary's soul," reads one of the most famous songs of "Flaco de oro" or "The poet musician." Known as Agustin Lara composed more than 700 songs were scattered around the world conquering the feelings of millions of people. In his 25 years The Beloved celebrate his work in a single, intelligent, bright visual and musical show, in an effective mixture of Pedro Almodóvar, Diego Rivera, Maria Felix. The effervescence of the group manages the concurrent be carried away by the fun on the dance floor and emotional memory with exquisite arrangements made on the songs of Lara.

After three months roomful World Amado prepares farewell 2014 with a new function, since September in the Sala Siranush (Armenia 1353) the group decided to issue in the theatrical content of the proposal and almost lost a scheme reminiscent coffee concert "in this tribute to Mexico and Agustín Lara work with a different costume, mainly mariachis. it is also not a whole show, but is short because we chose this format to have a moment in which to dance," shares Alejandro Viola who lends soul and body "Chino Beloved" leader of the group, "a form of celebration that does not exist in Buenos Aires, crazy occurs. there is a complicity seem to be 400 family, there is a relaxation to saynow we dance !, a party of friends. "Both the tables and the boxes people can choose to add to your evening a variety of tasty Armenian dishes and also rejoice the palate.

Owners of a particular aesthetic "Chino" counts as was the origin of all things, "the group emerged from classmates and an invitation to the birthday of a friend for whom we created a band in decline, in spectacular tour for Latin America who performed a stop sing a serenade in a courtyard of Banfield, "and recalls," we were very influenced by 2 million things: Almodovar's films, media recitals Peter Gabriel, that and the classic boleros of Violeta Rivas , Los Panchos, Manzanero, we left us. "The only member that remains of the original line recalls the 80s as a constant boiling so it was left to conquer Lalo Mir "went to see Omar Chaban who loved the idea but did not know where to put ourselves until we called to open a concert where they would play the Twist and the decadent "nonconforming decided to create their own press," we closed the door Lalo radio with a book and a cassette with 5 songs.

He was fascinated and invited us for the next week. "Professional and dedicated by others The Beloved made his successful play" all this week announced the arrival of an international group of an endless tour of Latin America that had stepped on the biggest stages. We said does not matter whether radio! Beloved and we fell off the radio talking about love and accent, he was mad. "The magic worked and expectations caused listeners who wanted to know who we were, if we really were outsiders and why we talked like soap opera". The evolution until today I get to the junction with the very talented artist Cristina Villamor "perfectly knows the aesthetic has much humor, knows where the limit and in turn never run, always knows how to overwhelm is" mentions "Chino". The big bouquet of calla lilies set against the background of the stage emerged that made him an order to honor Diego Rivera.

Subtle and clever bet is to keep your mood quality "stage and theatrical text has to be quality and humor made. The humor does not have to be in the dirty joke, humor can be in tens of times. I have to create humorous moment theatrically, "personifies and sincere," I had very good teachers, eco art that taught me other things from the value of theater, developing an idea, "this is how caring full details each start, lights, costumes, arrangements, everything stays true to the original idea that started more than two decades.

Teacher arranged Diego Vila and lighting in the hands of Ariel Master, idea and overall production of Alejandro Viola, The Beloved ending their 2014 season this Saturday but return to the Siranush hall on January 9 to continue having fun and thrilling from the originality musical, intelligent humor and visual beauty.

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