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It is the unforgettable week of porteños Bodegones

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By Gustavo Chapur
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Special menus for and savor the history of Buenos Aires. You can enjoy classic dishes from the cuisine of Buenos Aires with promotional prices. Options to choose the best still life

From next Friday 8th until Thursday September 14, the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires will bow to the origin of its gastronomic identity thanks to the second edition of the Week of porteños lifes, with a repertoire of over 50 typical sites that are part culinary folklore of the city. It will. The menus at promotional prices in the 50 participants still lifes of this event, result in a $ 85 lunch and dinner to $ 135, with silverware included, per person. We must highlight the commercial effort to constrict the prices of these menus to make them reasonably available, taking into account that, despite escalating inflation, last in the first edition of the event year the respective prices were $ 79 and $ 129.

The Minister of Culture of Buenos Aires, Hernán Lombardi, and journalist Pietro Sorba gave the formal kick with a luncheon at the Hope of Palermo Ascurra (Fitz Roy and El Salvador). During this week there will be activities to promote and disseminate the history of our lifes, contests, conferences, and a large public tasting pot dishes.


Clearly the concept is far for us, send us a still life of a painting. It also does not take much semantic rigor in defining what we've already mastered intuitively, because we know what it is, something that comes through the senses and more tradition than the dictionary. Just a typical restaurant with body and spirit of Buenos Aires, with good prices and generous portions, that is, a place to eat like a good porteño.

Historical and rustic, these neighborhood strongholds are the best when it comes to steaks, stews and omelets, claiming one of the strongest roots of our cuisine. You can taste traditional dishes like prosciutto with potato salad, ravioli with sauce, veal cutlets with french fries, sweet potato Churrasquito pork, squid rings and flan.

Still lifes are a culinary term that comes from the stores and grocery stores first served "nibbles" next to the office or beverage products. They represent the origin of the merger between Creole flavors and recipes that immigrant communities came to the country. They are characterized by local with some history, informal and comfortable offering an extensive menu, with meals and homemade taste traditional dishes in generous portions at affordable prices. They can be elegant or family, large tables or counted, and always with an immigrant tradition offered in your letter.

"Still lifes have a something, it's like eating at home, but better, has some familiarity, warm and intimate, reminiscent of grandma's recipes. Away from the luxury to go into the identity, each in their own way, "the defining Hernán Lombardi.


Almacén y bar - A los amigos - Bar Celta - Bar de Cao - Bar El Federal - Bar Los Laureles - Café de Garcia - Cantina Chichilo - Centro Montañes - Cervecería Lopéz- Club Eros- Don Chicho -El faro de Vigo -El Imparcial - El Obrero- Esquina Vernet - Facundo - Gambrinus - Il vero Arturito - La Catedra - La embajada - La Esperanza de los Ascurra Palermo - La Esperanza de los Ascurra Villa Crespo - La flor de Barracas - Lalín - La mamma Rosa - La poesia - La tasca del Fosforito - Lezama - Mamma Silvia - Manolo - Margot - Norte - Ña Serapia - Ocho esquinas - Oviedo - Perón Perón - Pucará - Puerto deseado - Pulperia del Cotorro - Rincón hispano - Refugio de Oleiros - Social la lechuza - Spiagge di Napoli - Taberna baska - Teodoro Arenales - Teodoro Callao

En el link se podrá consultar el listado completo de bodegones participantes, con domicilios y teléfonos, tipos de cocina, menú, bebidas, etc.

5 tips to consider:

Everything that is NOT explicitly stated in the information and menus of the restaurants that are part of that list IS NOT INCLUDED in the special priced $ 85 and $ 135.

Not combinable with other promotions.

All menus include the cost of silverware.

Prices of promotional Week menus still lifes are PER PERSON. The menus ARE NOT TO SHARE.

We recommend booking and following phone the restaurants that list to confirm opening hours, duration and composition of the menus (can be modified) and type of payment accepted (credit card, debit card or cash) for special menus.


Of course, who knows more of the subject is Pietro Sorba. Chef, Wine & Food journalist and writer, he is the one who best knew investigate the delicious and succulent Argentine gastronomic corners. Born in Italy, lives and works from the 90s and forth between Europe, Argentina and other Latin American countries. He has worked in major local media, as a columnist, consultant, director and conductor. His image became very popular from the Gourmet Channel. And, as an unavoidable part of his identity, is the husband of the renowned writer Teresa Donato, who has worked in the books of the major television fictions.

Pietro Sorba has been advocating for some time, is now commonplace to know the breed of cattle consumed, its origin breeding (if it's grass on the field or the dreaded feed lot) and the growing area is identified.

The charismatic culinary anthropologist, is the author of ten books on still lifes, grills, pizzerias, grocery stores, restaurants and collectivities Great Book of Argentine wine (2005). His guidance bestseller "Still Life in Buenos Aires 2014" (Planeta) is an issue in its design tastefully renovated, new photographs and still lifes, broadening the spectrum with more options. They are divided into "classical" and "new" (44 added). Besides the locals still life, teaches others Castelar, Valentin Alsina, Vicente López, Avellaneda, Sarandi, Castelar, Gonzalez Catan and La Plata. Then there are the neo-lifes, these latest generation slowly poke as an alternative.

Of course, as goes the pedagogical discourse, books can be very good as Don Pietro, but would be useless if it does not pass the praxis. So welcome this new opportunity to learn or re-enjoy dishes that are at the heart of all, with a list of places at special prices, given by the City Government. Guided by Sip in one hand and fork in the other, it is an ideal to sink without fault our great kitchen porteña week. Buon Appetito!

traslation: Belén Zapata