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The World Tango Festival 2014 came to an end

The champions were Manuela Rossi and Juan Malizia Gatti with an almost perfect score of 9.11, embracing local as the title of the World 2014

The hoarse curse maleva point topped the Luna Park Stadium to crown their new world champions. The World Tango Festival 2014 came to an end and going far in the past two couples remain in the history of tango for their talent, elegance and dedication. After twelve days that could make the most of this Heritage Sports Palace received seats filled doubleheader to the finalists of this fiery competition for the world title in track categories and Stage. With representatives from 42 countries this year had record participants: Latvia, Austria, Singapore, Egypt, Russia and Greece to name a few of these. The couple in the world champion in the Stage Tango proved formed by Juan Malizia Gatti and Manuela Rossi, representing the City of Buenos Aires. Second place went to the pair of Los Polvorines, Province of Buenos Aires, including Hugo Mastrolorenzo and Agustina Vignau Polvorines. Third place was again for two representatives of the City of Buenos Aires: Jesus Taborda and Shirley Xu xuany. Fourth place was taken by the Germán brothers Gabriel Filippelli and Nicholas Martin Filippelli of Lanus and fifth place went to Juan Pablo Garcia and Rocio Bulich Liendo also representing the City of Buenos Aires. They also won the awards to foreign partner with best score of the competition, the Colombian Alexander Moncada Rojas and Alexandra Moncada natives of Cali City.

The grand finale began Tuesday with a major in "Tango Track", 38 couples were played on stage but the jury vote was for the consecration porteña pairing of Lorena Gonzalez and Sebastian Acosta. The second place went to Colombians Alexandra Yepes and Edwin Espinosa de Bogota (Colombia) and the third, to their compatriots Maria Alejandra Sanchez and John Alexander Rojas de Cali (Colombia). Sandra Mihanovich capped the evening with a tribute to Eladia.

And it's all so fleeting that Tuesday was the turn of the category Stage to close with a flourish, 20 couples (16 Argentina, 2 from Colombia, 1 Russian and 1 Greece) did honor the drama of this dance and deployed their imagination to perform songs of the masters of tango. Meanwhile eight sweep, crib and raised the gems of the competition was the participation of Filipeli formed by brothers (Nicholas and German) who showed that the thing is both handsome couple. After the round was presented a fragment of the show "Disclosure: In the shadow of a tango, hold me forever" began touring Europe in the coming months, Julia Zenko performed "Balada para mi muerte" and "Lost The birds" of so heartfelt way I play the intimate fiber all present and a memorial to Anibal "Pichuco" Troilo for the 100 years of his birth where you could see each other's teacher Joseph Colangelo, former pianist Troilo, remembering words projected the great composer: "Do not let them steal your bow communion"; "kid you play with joy, not lose it. And if you're late, it's a cute mine."

The dancers regained prominence in the track for the final results defined in the fourth pair of brothers Filipeli with a total score of 8.81, the third pair of dual nationality formed by Shirley Xu (China) and Jesus Taborda (Argentina), with a total of 9.01 the representatives of Agustina Polvorines Vignau and Hugo Mastrolorenzo he won the second place and the champions were Manuela Rossi and Juan Malizia Gatti with an almost perfect score of 9.11 as embracing the titled of local Farewell happy love 2014 World Cup, says a poem by Cesar Gomila, as serene emotion blend of sweetness and sorrow (...), all the fans, the old, the new, the usual and those discovered through this Festival that do not know what the 2x4 forward palpitándolo in all milongas and scattered around the country and the world waiting for the next canyengue clubs.