Anne Saint Dreux: a career from film to publicity

By Karina Giorgenello
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"The ways of persuasion" is the theme of the conference and provide discussion Anne Saint Dreux, Director of the Maison de la Publicité in France on 14 August at the Belgrano 19.30hs Center, September 11 950

Anne Saint Dreux, director and founder of the Maison de la Pub in Paris, will offer a lecture on Thursday, August 14 at 19:30. Belgrano in the center of the French Alliance.

THEME OF THE CONFERENCE: From the fifties to the present day, more or less tino, advertising has managed to break into the consumer's heart to reach its goals: to seduce him. While at first sell was revealed as a simple task, competition, modernization, and social media crises impose publicist that henceforth, use complex schemes to reach the same results.

Based on the projection of advertising films, Anne Saint Dreux offers an overview of the "arsenal" Commercial deployed to convince the public. From motion pictures from the 1950s to the latest viral communications, time travel is overwhelming and invites young and not so young people to think about the consumer society. WHO IS SAINT ANNE DREUX? Anne Saint Dreux is director and founder of the Maison de la Pub in Paris and official representative of the Art Directors Club of New York for France. After studying letters and then film at prestigious English school, Anne Saint Dreux-enters the News Service of the French television in London.

Back in France, is assistant Agnes Varda before making a dozen short films.

Anne Saint Dreux, a race of cinema advertising

Upon studying letters in a film school in England, Anne Saint Dreux began her career in the service of audiovisual French television in London world. Back in France begins its journey in the film world becoming assistant Agnès Varda, before performing a dozen short films.

Thus uniting her taste in terms of semiotics and filmmaker, created in 1980 the National Archives Center of advertising, then developing an activity linked to its collection of advertising films.

Its innovative and creative work is also notable for the creation in 1995 of the award of humor in advertising, as a platform for integration of annual working across sectors advertising (agencies, advertisers).

Having been delegated by France of the Clio Awards in New York for ten years, was named the official representative for France from the Art Directors Club of the same city. From 2003 to 2009, the National Geographic Society in Washington, instructs market her archives department in France.

University and always attentive to the world of research, Anne Saint Dreux intervenes regularly on topics related to life in advertising. Participating in research on the subject, has been able to make available to students and professionals with a hardly accessible heritage.

The valuation of the French advertising creation has been done abroad through conferences and exhibitions held contests for the French cultural centers and Alliances Françaises abroad.

With the founding of the Maison de la Pub, Anne Saint Dreux created an institution for separating advertising her business environment hence its historical, economic and sociological value is restored.

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