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Chamber of Asia: bridging business for Argentine companies

The Chamber of Commerce of the Asia and Pacific has 23 years creating and supporting commercial relationships that link us to this region of the globe. It is a gateway necessary for relations with Asia

Following the momentum generated by the recent visit of President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping, our country has organizations for commercial networks with tender distant continent. The Chamber of Commerce of the Asia and Pacific has 23 years creating and supporting commercial relationships that link us to this region of the globe.

The expansion of Asian investment preference denote China, India and twenty countries in our country and the region. Looking to make the most of this opportunity in trade relations between Argentina and one of the main blocks in the global economy interested in our raw and finished products quality materials - There is a market for the most varied activities, share in the exclusive interview Deputy Speaker Julian Jacoby, small, medium and large companies can reap the benefits of this new stage that is being developed here to find more opportunities for profitable growth. Organized through a "Regional Chamber" working with individual countries in order to analyze and develop the specific and particular interests of each relationship; just to name three comprehensive list of works that include Australia, India and China-economies that require our products, our food and raw materials, the Vice President emphasized.

The basin of the Asia-Pacific is one of the main markets for domestic products, the Chamber seeks to overcome differences and mutual unknowns among entrepreneurs derivatives language, customs and business practices; - Is not the same hand a business card to an eastern businessman with a hand with both clarifies Jacoby. In this regard he emphasized the role of the organization in the announcement and call for partners, which are around 250 among which are prime banks, business management, business, food and labs among other things, meetings with trade missions visit us to attract the attention of the parties and face-to-face negotiation.

From a group of business leaders who decided to join in 1991 to maintain an active involvement in trade with Asia is now ready to provide key tools for developing Asia and the Pacific, eventually joined relations with Australia and New structure arises Zealand, expanded opportunities Jacoby defined as very promising projection reciprocity in various fields. The Chamber provides the voice of the private sector in the preparation of the agendas of bilateral meetings between the Argentina Chancellery and the foreign ministries of each country maintains close ties with the business offices of the embassies of the countries of the Region Asia - Pacific, consulates, chambers and other related institutions involved in trade promotion and exchange. -While we have difficulties; the country's situation will improve in the short or long term. Building relationships and increase networking is appropriate at this time, concludes the Vice President.

It should be noted that Mr. Franco Forastieri, charged in the ASEAN section from ABC MUNDIAL, integrates the Chamber of Asia as vice president of the Argentina-Malaysia bilateral chapter. Contact [email protected]