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Cronopios to read!

We visited the 24th Book Fair of Children's and Youth Buenos Aires 2014

Every year children and young people take over the city of Buenos Aires, during the winter school holidays; activities revolve Young sense and all the spaces are for entertainment. But what better way to entertain yourself learning? The Book Foundation is just the 24th edition of the Fair of Children's and Youth, full of fun a proposal that seeks to promote books and reading in the new generations.

As in more than twenty Fair landed with opportunities for the smaller proposals, rather, in a time when all parents are questioning what to do with the kids? This year the challenge of reshaping the Exhibition Centre of the City of Buenos Aires The Book Foundation went looking for a new home for the event, so it was found two. For the first time performed simultaneously in different locations: one in the Premises located in El Dorrego Zapiola 50 in the neighborhood of College would work Monday through Friday from 11 am to 20 pm and weekends from 14 to 20 pm; and, that no magic world of books is lost, the other takes place in Technopolis where you can come every day from 12 to 20h. Both until August 02 and other good news: All visitors have free admission.

"More than 10 years ago to the Children's Book Fair and Youth give a slogan around which the activities. This year in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Julio Cortazarit is Cronopios to read!" Detailed Fernanda Vela member of the Organizing Committee.

"The kids are going to ask, What is a Cronopio? Parents know and tell them that they will not invent, investigate and refers to Cortazar" she adds.

Attendees will find this year with new features like the Young Usina featuring workshops dedicated to young people aged 12 to 18.

"What is always very difficult is to divide up the child where it is and as far as youth. What were once children under 12 now enters juveniles". Analyzes Vela.

The idea is that up to 18 years find a place in this fair, therefore we innovate. In this direction is that the event displays a wide diversity in all its stands and activities: tax education, water conservation and the environment, comics and collectibles for fans, picture books, cartoons, gaming sectors, thematic squares (Autonauta and bestiary are two spaces in Technopolis honoring Cortazar) and Storytelling workshops as inevitable, the special workshop Melquiades sciences, the experimenter that through his character surprises throughout the game and the youth Arts workshop.

The foundation makes a work The Book of 365 days to carry out this great fair.

"The Child and Youth Fair is first prepared in conjunction with the International Book Fair. Ends in August and now already beginning to work on the contents of the upcoming" says Fernanda. Besides holding workshops for teachers, and professional mediators reading the book whose content is directed to interpret contemporary children's literature. During the two fairs besides performing, the International Book Fair of Buenos Aires and it advises organizing committees within the country deploying mapping the universe of small, medium and large fairs all stand out and are harvested in compliance and the primary objective of promoting books and reading.

Tribute to the writer Graciela Cabal:

A few days before the theatrical premiere of a work based on texts of the late writer over 10 years ago, the book fair in her texts are among the most requested and sold.

"Graciela was a valuable addition to a beloved writer, a human level person very dear person I got to know her pretty, Was very faithful, very crumb of the show, especially the Children's fair to tell Venia, came to the Storyteller, an activity that is part of a show. Came to tell stories to the kids, her hat was always very special participation and the boys were "Fernanda Vela organizing committee member says.

Those interested can read the full schedule of activities for both sites entering, the captive can mention immediate signing this Friday 25 authors among which are found: (host El Dorrego) 11am Oche Califa-Stand 128, 15hs Juan Lima, stand 129, Isol 16hs (Argentina winning the renowned illustrator Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award Award), stand129; 17hs Norma Huidobro, stand 168 and 17.30hs, illustrator Istvansch at booth 129 to name a few that make up the long list and provide the opportunity to meet face to face the creators of the stories that help grow and dream. Near the end one of the jewels of closure will be delivering the Proclaimers Awards 2014, an award that is delivered continuously since 1990 to develop the dissemination of children's literature persistently and sometimes silent. EL event will take place July 31 to 18 at the Sala Julio Cortazar, farm El Dorrego.

traslation: Belén Zapata