Position of South Korea over the sovereignty of Dokdo islands

Dokdo consists of two main islands, called Dongdo and Seodo, and 89 islets

The Embassy of the Republic of South Korea in Argentina provided details regarding the position of the central government in terms of the fundamentals that have to consider the Korean sovereignty over Dokdo

The report, provided through the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea, said that "both historically and geographically and in accordance with international law, Dokdo certainly is inherent Korean territory.

There is no territorial dispute over Dokdo, Dokdo can not be the subject of diplomatic negotiations or judicial solutions. The Korean government exercises strong territorial sovereignty over Dokdo. The Korean government responded with determination and firmness against any provocation on Dokdo, and maintain sovereignty over it. "

A video explaining the situation, he said that "This video was prepared by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea. This video aims to share the beauty and tranquility of the island Dokdo, and explain the process of counterfeiting Dokdo by Japan, the falsity of Japanese territorial claim dominion over Dokdo and the basics of Korean sovereignty over this island based on historical facts objectives. "

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea

traslation: Belén Zapta