Columbus will be taken in front of the Airport Jorge Newbery

The space will be occupied by the monument in the breakwater located on Stanley Avenue Costanera "Rafael Obliged" front at this airport which is located in the median strip "Seaplane Buenos Aires"

The locals deputies ratified on Thursday in Regular Session an Agreement of Cooperation Agreement between the City of Buenos Aires and the Executive Branch that establishes mutual commitments in regard to the removal of the monument to Christopher Columbus currently located behind the house national government. In this sense also approved the first reading of a law that determines how new installation location to the North Coast, in vicinity of Aeroparque "Jorge Newbery". The first case was sent for approval by the Head of Government of the city, Mauricio Macri, while the second corresponds to the deputy Gabriela Alegre (FPV).

The space will be occupied by the monument in the breakwater located on Stanley Avenue Costanera "Rafael Obliged" front at this airport which is located in the median strip "Seaplane Buenos Aires". This standard shall be treated in public and then again in the enclosure for final approval and subsequent performance. The record of the Head of government includes the Cooperation Agreement No. 15142/14 in which it is determined that removal costs, restoration and location will be covered by the Executive Branch, as the site location should be established by the City of Buenos Aires which is responsible for maintenance and custody of the monument after its effective transfer.

The grounds of the project the author recalled that "Columbus Park is located on land reclaimed from the river in 1855 and the architectural remains of the Old Customs House, and that the site of the monument in 1904 terracing works were performed with waste and debris of varied origin requiring a system of deep foundations through piles. soil characteristics, coupled with the great weight that the monument has in its 26 meters high jeopardized stability and conservation”. "It is vital to understand that finding a new location for the sculpture is not detrimental to any community, or any nation, but in view of the restoration and maintenance of the work of Zocchi. To all the people of the city ​​of Buenos Aires, in our country and those who visit us can appreciate respecting the original intent of the donation from the Italian community, as part of the centenary of the May Revolution "ended lawmaker.

Indeed, the monument was donated by the Italian community to the Argentine people and the work was carried out in two types of Carrara marble by Italian sculptor Arnaldo Zocchi. The initiative started in 1904 in the Italian-Argentine Chamber of Commerce and the monument was completed in 1921 in Columbus Park. Ever since that time was a factor discussed the location of the monument, as were the neighborhoods of La Boca and Palermo some of the proposed sites.

The Alegre deputy also noted structural damage dating back to 1955 when in June was bombed entire environment of the Plaza de Mayo in order to overthrow the constitutional government of General Peron, and in turn, in 1987 underwent placement a powerful pump under the "painted face" uprisings against democratic institutions. With this background in 2008 the National Architecture conducted several studies on their status and determined that the structural risk adversely affected its stability and recommended his removal for the purposes of their care and preservation.

traslation: Belén Zapata