Francisco and Netanyahu discussed language that Jesus spoke

The debate took place in the land of Jesus, in the heart of the three major monotheistic religions of history, Jerusalem

"Jesus was here on this earth. Spoke in Hebrew," he told Netanyahu to Francisco in the public meeting held in the Holy Land, where they quoted the Israeli leader a strong connection between Judaism and Christianity.

But the Pope did not agree with the statement of Prime Minister and corrected: "Aramaic". "He spoke Aramaic, but he knew Hebrew," Netanyahu defended himself before the papal response. Like many debates in this area of ​​the Middle East, the modern discourse on Jesus are often complicated and policies.

However, the outcome of the debate between the two personalities, according to historians, was tied.

"Jesus was speaking Aramaic. Should have known Hebrew but also because there were Hebrew religious writings," said Israeli professor Ghil'ad Zuckermann Reuters. But he added that in the time of Jesus, Hebrew was spoken in the underclass, "the type of people he spoke to."

Dr. Sebastian Brock, professor emeritus of Aramaic Oxford University, agrees with his Israeli counterpart, but explains that Hebrew was the language of scholars and scriptures, so it is likely that Jesus spoke, but which more employed outside Aramaic.

What the experts rule is that Jesus spoke Latin, although it is probable that some articulate single words. It happens that Latin was the language of the Romans and was used mostly by political and military authorities of the time, and in that sense could believe that knowing about Greek language from Rome.

traslation: Belén Zapata