Successful first day of Iguazú in Concert

Musicians children around the world joined in Puerto Iguazu to celebrate the beginning of the fifth edition of the festival

A full house, in the new space Takuapu, a tent with capacity for 2000 people located in the heart of Puerto Iguazú, the Fifth International Festival "Iguazú in Concert" was inaugurated. The idea and organization of the festival is under the Ministry of Culture, Education, Science and Technology of the Province of Misiones and the Federal Council of Investments. The Directorate General is Golden Company and Artistic Direction of Andrea Merenzon, who introduced the first orchestra of Argentina children who began the show in space Takuapu.

The Youth Orchestra Crickets & Cemu, directed by Maria Alejandra Vendrell, delighted the audience with 4 bright and playful pieces, dressed in the color that represents: the cricket green. They interpreted added ru, Traditional Guarani; Conga del Fuego Nuevo, Arturo Márquez, Danza del Trigo and Alberto Ginastera Malambo and finally Candide Overture by Leonard Bernstein leaving the audience wanting to hear more.

From Colombia, the Youth Pre De Tolima Conservatory Orchestra was commissioned to continue the show and the audience to dance. They started with a stunning Danzon No. 2 by Arturo Márquez and continued with a varied repertoire that included music by Lucho Bermudez, Carlos Cortes and La Feria de Manizales Ruana arr. Florentino Camacho.

Representing Singapore and Italy, appeared on the scene Yi Ting Ong with only 10 years left without words to the audience, playing his flute and piccolo as few do in the world, and Lorenzo Bovitutti accompanying her on the piano, both represented works Antonio Vivaldi, Mussorgsky Modesto, Wolfgang A. Mozart, Serge Rachmaninoff and John Rutter.

Cordas Orchestra Grupo Pao do Acucar Institute directed by Daniel Misiuk continued with an entertaining repertoire of Ary Barroso, Brazil, trenzinho do Caipira of Villa-Lobos. Then Luiza Jaffé violinist performed a single song Somebody To Love by Queen, and ended her presentation with American Idiot Green Day and O que é o que é of Gonzaguinha.

The day came to a close by Watershed and WINAD Marimba Band, composed of children up to 17 years in Zimbabwe. Under the direction of Winnie & Addmore Chokera surprised the public dancing to traditional music and transporting everyone to Africa for a few minutes.

"Iguazú in Concert" is a unique event of its kind that allows together hundreds of young musicians, promoting artistic and cultural expression, strengthening partnerships and social inclusion and developing fellowship and exchange of experiences. In this issue you can live each day live on TV Iguazú in Concert and a unique experience.

traslation: Belén Zapata