City Legislature chose work on Peron’s Monument

The work "United triumph" of Carlos Benavidez will be located in front of the office, in the square bounded by avenues Paseo Colon and Belgrano, and Moreno and Azopardo streets

The work "STATES triumph" of Carlos Benavidez won first prize. Secondly, it was for the play "Monument to Memory of General Juan Domingo Perón" artist Luis Enrique Savio. Third, the jury decided to mention the work "Monument to Juan Perón" artist Eduardo Noah.

At 12 in the "Eva Perón" Hall of the Legislature of the City of Buenos Aires, the jury composed of the three vice-Parliamentary Body Members Cristian Ritondo (PRO), Juan Carlos Dante Gullo (FPV) and Maximiliano Ferraro (CC-UNITE) who exercised the Presidency, met; former Presidents of Argentina, Eduardo Duhalde, Ramón Puerta, Representative of the Nation (MC), Alfredo Atanasof, the Secretary General of the Association of not Teachers at the University of Buenos Aires (APUBA), Jorge Anro, plastic artist Salvador and sculptor Enrique Costanzo Azcárate. Former President of the Nation and current Senator Adolfo Rodriguez Saa's Office, the Secretary General of the General Confederation of Labor, Hugo Moyano and former president and current head of Banco Provincia, Eduardo Camano, also part of the jury, but due to scheduling problems could not attend the event, so they cast their vote in a closed and sealed.

The 16 participants had the opportunity to defend the sketches submitted, as well as substantiate and argue, extending the considerations related to the symbology, design, proposed materials, dimensions and different aspects that make up an integrated concept of the proposed models in their respective work. They were the artists Facundo Fernández Araujo, Javier Fontenla Barrera, Carlos Benavidez, Facundo Cerazo, Crovetto Angeles, Roberto Frangella, Ignacio Ibarra, Eduardo Lodi, Néstor Muzzupappa, Navone Gustavo Adrian. Nodzalevsky, Eduardo Noah Petronsi Ana, Fernando Pugliese, Mary and Henry Savio Savala.

Regarding the choice of the monument, the 1st Vice, Cristian Ritondo, said "it is no coincidence that we do from the Legislature, because today we are also materializing an act of fair claim who chose this building to be sworn in on December 2, 1943 and get your voice out here through the national network of radios, for the first time all the Argentines. "

Ritondo said Peron "left here to be anointed by the people as the only Argentine enshrined constitutional president in three periods overwhelmingly freely expressed at the polls. Starred this support and events based on a model that profoundly influenced the political, the culture of our country and the region during the 20th century. "

"We are more than proud that a little over a month the 40th anniversary of his death will be commemorated, Juan Domingo Perón received without distinction of any kind, the tribute of the people and authorities of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires" finished 1st Vice Legislature.

Later in the Campus sessions held open public event in which the verdict was read and the foundation of the winning work, which turned out to be "UNITED triumph" of Carlos Benavidez.

Benavidez, defending his work, stressed "my intention was to highlight the General Perón as one of the most important figures in our history. Has also to do with modernity, the vision that always had Peron." Benavidez reasoned that the sculpture is displayed on a base from which emerges a cube whose left and right sides has two bas-reliefs on which the image is raised, is accessed from the front after three steps represent the three presidencies , and each of its principles to the Homeland: free, fair and sovereign. Leading in bronze, the national emblem, topped with a sun whose rays are boosted by two reasons, to limit the pedestal, with branches of laurel and thick chunky hands holding the pike, which the political, social and economic independence refer . Those hands are the hands of workers.

The side friezes contain figures of children, housewives, workers, Aboriginal, rural workers, teachers, elders, manifesting the social gains. On the pedestal, stands a bronze image of Lieutenant General Juan Domingo Peron, the statesman, the man in street clothes, smiling gesture, raising his arms in fraternal greetings. Bronze and stone form a work that is inserted into the best sculptural tradition in urban areas of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

Carlos Alberto Benavidez is a realist sculptor, graduated from the Provincial School of Art Figueroa Alcorta, from Cordoba, which has already made numerous statues and busts of famous people: San Martín, Belgrano, Sarmiento, Borges, Cortázar, Che, Gardel, Leon Gieco and Charly García are among he portrayed. It is now regarded as one of Argentina's most important sculptors. He has done work for collectors, both for Argentina, USA, Spain, UK, Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Switzerland and France, as well for the most important art galleries in the world.

The second prize "Monument to the Memory of General Juan Domingo Perón" of the artist Luis Enrique Savio, who proposed "to perpetuate the nearest '70s Perón. Took the picture which is the emblem, the symbol of the years of his return that historic photo on the balcony of the Casa Rosada, with arms raised and closed sac. I searched to give this project the particular importance of our cultural identity, strength in the visual and easy to read, as the monument will be set in two avenues of heavy traffic. "

Luis Enrique Savio was born in Argentina on August 10, 1947. From 1963 until today, has done various works and sculptures throughout the country. In 2011, inaugurated the monument to Jose Hernandez in the Square "Santa María de los Buenos Aires", located between the streets José Hernández Vidal and El Cano. In 2013 opened the monument in honor of Guillermo Barros Schelotto, to be located in the Club Atlético Boca Juniors.

Meanwhile, Eduardo Noe, he was awarded the third prize in the public competition. The sculptor proposed a stripped monument, without interference from architectural elements. "We sought to create a relaxed presence. A clear and recognizable silhouette that stands out in the landscape naturally. A sound sculpture, a smiling image and to look forward to the people and integrity."

Noe Escobar was born in 1963. Was formed as a designer draftsman and then developed his artistic vocation independently. He has created more than 50 sculptures, busts and monuments, which are located in public spaces around the country. He has worked for the City of Escobar, Tigre, Zárate, Pergamino, Arrecifes, Berazategui, Balcarce, Salto and an extensive list of antique dealers and decorators.

The winning sculpture will be located in front of the office, in the square bounded by avenues Paseo Colon and Belgrano and Azopardo and Moreno streets that now bears the name "Agustín P. Justo," but that a draft Members and Cristian Ritondo Roberto Quattromano, wants to establish that it is called "President Juan Domingo Perón", building on the proposal that the historian and employee of the Legislature, Daniel Vargas, timely made ​​at the public hearing.

Importantly, until today the City of Buenos Aires do not have a public monument intended for memory who was thrice constitutional President of Argentina, Lieutenant General Juan Domingo Peron. In recognition of its important role as a soldier, politician and statesman, and his struggle for affirmation of the sovereignty and independence of Argentina, and the defense and protection of the interests of the national working class, is that the City Legislature successfully developed this competition on the 40th anniversary of his death to be fulfilled next 1st of July.

traslation: Belén Zapata