The airline LAN filed its Cabinets in ArteBA

By Karina Giorgenello
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During the opening dialogue with the Corporate Affairs Manager of the airline LAN, Agustin Agraz (VIDEO) Sonia Becce and curator, who gave us a detailed tour of the LAN Cabinets (VIDEO)

The airline LAN is present for the eighth consecutive year with its usual ArteBA audioguide service and LAN Cabinets. The LAN Cabinets are a space within the 14 galleries of the main section where one or more works of a single artist is. The aim is to highlight selected by an advisory committee works considering their relevance, uniqueness and considered iconic works by modern and contemporary artists.

The advisory committee was composed of Sonia Becce (Chairman of the selection committee galleries Core), Victoria Noorthoorn (Director of the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires, Argentina.) and José Roca (Assistant Curator of Latin American Art Estrellita B. Brodsky Tate Gallery in London and Artistic Director of FLORA ars + natura, independent space for contemporary art in Bogotá).


Guido Yannitto (Zavaletalab Contemporary Art Gallery / Argentina)

Vik Muniz (Xippas Gallery Contemporary / Uruguay Art)

Odires Mlászho (Galeria Vermelho / Brazil)

Alejandro Kuropatwa (Vasari Gallery / Argentina)

Manuel Espinosa (Van Eyck Art Gallery / Argentina)

Vicente Grondona (Gallery Slyzmud / Argentina)

Fabio Kacero (Ruth Benzacar Art Gallery / Argentina)

Lux Lindner (Gallery Project A - Contemporary Art / Argentina)

Alicia Penalba (Palatine Gallery / Argentina)

Roberto Jacoby (Gallery Nora Fisch / Argentina)

Fernando Bryce (Lucia Gallery / Peru Bridge)

José Alejandro Restrepo (Ignacio Liprandi Contemporary Art Gallery / Argentina)

Alejandro Puente (Henrique Faria Fine Art Gallery / U.S. - Henrique Faria Buenos Aires / Argentina)

Eduardo Costa (Gallery Cosmocosa / Argentina)

traslation: Belén Zapata