Interview with Director of Commercial and Cultural Office of Taipei

"Taiwan is an open society with a system in freedom and democracy," said Ambassador Huang Lien-sheng

The Ambassador Huang Lien-sheng is General Director of Cultural and Trade Office of Taipei in Argentina and Taiwan government representative. We were received in his office, who attends daily early. Active, smiling and in good spirits, tells us that came within hours ago of a trip Jujuy and Salta. "It's so cute, so beautiful. Was surprised Left".

As some time ago took office in Argentina, after passing through Brazil, Portugal and Paraguay, we ask that his impression of our country. "Out of sight, out of mind, so I had to see it to be totally shocked.The Landscape is so big and natural resources. Plants, soybeans, corn, that we need to import much of Argentina ".

Regarding the goals he has for management he tells us. "My mission is very simple is substantial closer relations between the two peoples and countries, for example the Argentines do not know Taiwan and the Taiwanese do not know much Argentina. Now this fashion travel from our country to Argentina and travel to meet our land. we opened in February in cooperation with Emirates airline's new route from Buenos Aires. Now you can reach with one stop in Dubai to Taipei. That makes it easy much for the passenger to travel here and Taiwan. "

He tells Ambassador Huang Lien-sheng, another good news for tourists. "We have an international tourism fair and we have invited the authorities of Jujuy and Salta to participate., So they can present the beauties for Taiwanese and increase visits to that area."

Business bridge: "We can make a bridge to facilitate the relations for entrepreneurs who want to buy more or want to sell more, we want to strengthen relations."

Relationship with China: The complex relationship with China always leads us to know what he thinks about it. "We are with major investments in mainland China," and that "both sides we get along." "We have 500 weekly flights that connect us. There are many workers who go to China and come too. Everyday we are receiving 3000 visitors from mainland China." "We have a national museum that holds all the treasures of ancient China and come to visit these treasures."

Investments: "There are businessmen who want to invest in Argentina. for example ASUS companies already operating here, plus there is always room to grow". Coming soon we have a food fair and Taiwan lacks and needs to import maize, soya beans and natural". Tells us that "Taiwan is an open society with a system in freedom and democracy". "Taiwan is the size of the Tucuman province and we are 23 million people, half of Argentina". in short, "countries can complement and that is the desire to strengthen relations between Argentina and Taiwan".

traslation: Belén Zapata