The Conrad is prepared to live the World Cup Brazil 2014

The FIFA World Cup 2014 live at the Conrad Hotel as a venue over Brazil and also take some time to enjoy the renovated casino, nightlife, gastronomy and other surprises

Interviewed Silvina Luna, director of Marketing renovated Conrad Punta del Este Resort & Casino. He tells us that "in June fulfill a year of being operated by Enjoy and we are excited, we have a lot more technology and more modern casino." Besides the casino, nightly entertainment and excellent cuisine, the Conrad is preparing to live the World Cup like a seat over Brazil. A giant screen was installed in the bar & lounge Blend casino to make it a great sight to see the World Cup Brazil 2014. Worldwide comes with everything with a big promotion and all the games live.

"The Conrad is like an island, because we worked hard all year. With Brazilians, Argentines, Uruguayans, Paraguayans and Chileans. And there is growing interest from other parts of the world, we have customers in Mexico, the U.S., Europe , among other places, who are interested in this magnificent beach is Punta del Este and the proposal we have". "We have a totally remodeled casino and jewel OVO is a night club and day club is a caller for many people everywhere who want to come and live the nightlife of Punta del Este". "As to the hospitality, we provide a 5 star service in this sense belong to the Hilton chain and into the casino we are operated by Enjoy chain, which is one of the largest in the world, so we are very happy"

"From there Enjoy the arrival of big changes. We have a brand new casino with a very modern bar and terrace with incredible sea view." Moreover, referring to the nightlife, Silvina Luna says they have "a new concept, Ovo Night, with the best DJ in the world as any of the best albums of Las Vegas or Ibiza." Also new is "Ovo Dayclub, a revolutionary concept because there you can eat fusion cuisine while be playing on a tablet on line, so those who want to start playing and do not know much, enjoy the wind is the platform for begin to dabble in games that are obviously also in the casino, but you can also play on your tablet having a drink to enjoy fusion food ".

In the In Ovo Dayclub you can enjoy:

Enjoy Win.

More than 60 available tablets.

Lobby Lounge with wide range of dishes and drinks.

360 Bar with Bar Staff.

Is this sturdy positioning Conrad has earned in the last 16 years which supports this new stage with Enjoy that has come to innovate it and rejuvenate it with a brand new proposal which has invested $ 20 million in renovations.

The goal: put Conrad Punta del Este as the most attractive alternative entertainment marketplace. The renovated game room-now four thousand square meters and completely remodeled to look at the latest equipment, floors and tiles in granite, colorful rugs and a lighting system based on LED-tape has a total of 624 slots , 75 tables and a unique poker room. The Blend bar & lounge offers casino, since its recent opening, a cocktail, spirits and liqueurs as well as classic and gourmet sandwiches, salads and desserts can now enjoy DJ music, video clips on a giant screen and pocket shows on its stage.

traslation: Belén Zapata