Messi to Barca fans "if they prefer me to go, I have no problem"

Messi arrived in Argentina to join the national football team and one of the issues to which he referred was the insults received by the fans of Barcelona: "if you like me to go, I have no problem"

Messi was the first time it was loud and clear in their statements regarding their continuity in Barcelona. Something hurt by the shouts and insults received in the draw against Atletico Madrid, noted that "often said that Barcelona is my home, but the day that people do not want to be there anymore, I will not be. Wants lot this club and if some people do not want me, doubt me, prefer me to go, I have no problem. "

The idol Lionel Messi from Argentina team arrived this morning to his home country to join the team that will participate in the World Cup in Brazil and said he expects to practice "with all batteries to give the best, as usual", after failing in the Spanish League with Barcelona.

"It was not my best year, I would have liked to finish otherwise was a drop in the whole team," he said, referring to the weak performance of his club in the Spanish league, where he lost last Saturday final with Atletico Madrid.

traslation: Belén Zapata