Familia Zuccardi Changlot gold medal in France

Was awarded the highest award given by the International Competition "Les Olivalies" held in Cannes

Familia Zuccardi Changlot 2014, forthcoming in the local market, the only Argentine oil was awarded in the competition, where competed with products from Mediterranean olive growing tradition of great countries like Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal, among others.

A jury of two French and three foreign judges, all professionals skilled in the olive oil tasting, tasted blind for two days samples from around the world to finally select oils that stood out. The contest "Les Olivalies" is organized by the Union of Winemakers in France, with the professional support of the Technical Center of the Olive and aims to highlight the complementarity of the culture of the vine and winemaking with the culture of the olive tree and its derivatives.

Familia Zuccardi Changlot oil is a rich yellow color with green highlights. The nose is reminiscent of bananas and almonds. In the mouth one nutty flavor that is accompanied by clear herbal notes and a lingering spicy, always present in this variety is perceived. Changlot-variety native of Valencia, Spain, was implemented in Argentina 60 years ago. "In our region is very favorable conditions for obtaining high quality oils, adapting to the climatic conditions of Mendoza. The characteristics of the oils are well differentials at different points of harvest and, being a variety of early harvest allows us to have flexibility in this regard, "says Miguel Zuccardi, who is leading the production of olive oil company.

Dashed line OLIVE FAMILIA ZUCCARDI is also composed of two other varietals: Frantoio and Arauco. They all come to market with the typical freshness of oil extra virgin olive year. Obtaining these oils was carried out at source, immediately after harvest, the mill has Familia Zuccardi in Maipu, Mendoza. The acidity of the three varieties is less than 0.3% (the minimum for extra virgin olive oil is 0.8%).