24: Jack Bauer lives another day in London

Kiefer Sutherland in the shoes of Jack Bauer, the legendary American counterterrorism agent, travels to London alerted to the possibility of a terrorist attack on U.S. President

Started the ninth season of 24, the series that produces and broadcasts FOX, and see at work again Kiefer Sutherland in Jack Bauer,'s skin mythical counterterrorism agent of the U.S. government

The action takes place in London where the U.S. president is to sign a series of agreements with the British, the most important is the cooperation of both states to use drones in the fight against terrorism.

Jack Bauer, is pursued by the government accused deserter and sedition, however it goes to the capital of England warned about the possibility of a terrorist attack against the U.S. president

In the first chapter we see Bauer, who is caught by the CIA in London, a plan finally reveals agent to enter the offices to rescue his main ally Chloe, who is arrested for having hacked government sites. When escaping, Jack reveals to his former partner his suspicion of terrorism plan. She takes him to his workplace, an old barn where there are several people working to expose governments. Chloe against her will and desire helps and the action begins. In this first chapter is exposed the conflict, with a peak voltage that is the attack on British soldiers at a base in the Middle East. This attack is performed with an unmanned aircraft (drone) run by Americans.

As this happens, Jack goes in search of suspected terrorists who are holding the technology to dominate the drones and the CIA in turn chases Bauer.

After four years returns 24, a lot of genre expectation, Sutherland is in good shape and returns to the role that brought him to stardom. The City of London is partially but surely over the course of the other chapters can enjoy this great metropolis. The premiere episode was watched by eight million people in the U.S.

traslation: Belén Zapata