Surprises in the list of the 12 largest economies in the world

United States, China, India and Japan are the first 4, since 7 is Brazil and 12, the only Spanish-speaking country, Mexico

The 12 largest economies in the world according to the PPP. What is the most powerful economy in the world? Most rankings only take into account the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), an indicator sometimes a little intangente demonstrating total wealth of a country, but the measurement, if we start to think, is not fair: it's not the same a country of 100,000 inhabitants one of 10 million, hence take into account GDP per capita, but neither is the difference in value between different currencies, or the rate used, and the price difference between a country that in another. To try to balance this, the so-called PPP or Purchasing Power Parity, which is more reliable, but also has its imperfections, is used (baskets buy are not the same throughout the world). That said, the World Bank has developed a classification sufficed in this indicator and the results show a clear change in trend: USA is about to leave the first place.

12. Mexico. This is the only Spanish-speaking nation has entered the list of the largest.

11. Italy. Transalpine is the fourth largest economy of the European Union, only slightly ahead of the Spanish.

10. Indonesia. One of the Asian giants could enter the list of privileged due to the relatively small effect that has had on the country the global crisis, since most of your market is based on domestic consumption.

9. United Kingdom. The birthplace of the Industrial Revolution remains among the major powers of the world, if now well its economy is based on the service sector and in finance.

8. France. Always is for the French a source of pride to overcome the UK. However, there is some uncertainty about the future, given the increasing tendency of government to abandon their holdings in the largest companies in the country.

7. Brazil. In this republic is based over (56%) half of the entire economy in Latin America.

6. Russia. The largest country in the world can not take full advantage of its resources due to its low population density because of its extreme climate.

5. Germany. The Germans are consolidated as the locomotive of the European Union, with baggy difference on any of his pursuers.

4. Japan. The merit of the archipelago of the Rising Sun is certain: despite lacking almost entirely of natural resources, their mastery of technology has taken them a long time to be the third power, pride of place you just give.

3. India. It is one of the nations most experienced growth, although in recent years its economic policy has resulted in long-term measures to reduce the deficit.

2. China. The nominally communist regime is that all researchers believe that lead the ranking in future editions. During the early years of this century has come to have growth of over 7%.

1. United States. Despite the threat of China, Americans continue to be those with the strongest economy in the world, although the gap is narrowing.

traslation: Belén Zapata