Argentina reconvened the UK to discuss Malvinas' sovereignty

The Foreign Ministry issued a statement in regards to statements of Colin Roberts, named, according to the text: "illegally Colonial Governor of the Malvinas Islands"

Complete statement of the Argentina Chancellery:

"The press statements of Colin Roberts, illegitimately appointed colonial Governor for the British Crown (more proper title XIX Century to XXI) in the Malvinas Islands, shown in one paragraph coincidence with the position that has historically sustained the Argentina Republic . Our country is in accordance with the dispute over sovereignty over the islands requires direct dialogue between our Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman and Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom, William Hague. To this end, Foreign Minister Timerman has offered repeatedly the opportunity for bilateral talks with Hague, who has consistently rejected.

Argentina Foreign Ministry through the Department of Affairs Concerning the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, South Sandwich and Surrounding Areas Maritimes considered in other respects in which the Governor imposed by the British Crown refers to the situation the Malvinas Islands, shows profound ignorance of international law, the will of the international community expressed in the resolutions of the United Nations and Intergovernmental and multi-Regional Organizations and the policies carried out by the Argentine government from recovering the democracy in 1983 through what has repeatedly stated that the only possible way forward on the issue of sovereignty is through peace, dialogue and diplomacy under the conditions established by the United Nations in Resolution 2065. "

traslation: Belén Zapata