Costa Crociere transmits in its ships the worldwide Brasil 2014

On the occasion of the World Cup 2014, the cruise on board Costa ships have the opportunity to watch the games and enjoy a World climate thanks to a program of activities themed football

On the occasion of the World Cup 2014 which will be held in Brazil from June 12 to July 13 Costa Crociere will provide all guests the opportunity to watch the games scheduled to board any of its 14 ships that sail the world. In addition, Costa has designed a variety of activities to enjoy and celebrate the special climate that will live on board, especially for the footballers guests. The World Cup always attracts the attention of all lovers of football. When it comes to the National team, puts his passion into all the most popular game in the world suffering criminal wrong or shouting a goal in the last second.

Depending on the time of the football event and the nationalities involved, the games will be broadcast in different places: on the big screen on deck next to the indoor pool and also in the main theater, in order to allow all guests to see and encourage their national team. The celebration of the World Cup does not end there. Throughout the duration of the World Cup Costa Crociere has provided a wide range of themed activities that will engage football fans and those who simply want to support their guests enjoying all parts of the world team.

The program designed by Costa Crociere to encourage the football climate includes many activities. During the day guests can customize creative shirts or create banners with the colors of their team. There will also be group activities and tournaments. Football fans can also enjoy a game of samples freestyle soccer skills or take dancing lessons with a master of Brazilian samba to celebrate goals of his team in a special way.

For those who prefer to be comfortably seated poolside, fun contests designed Costa Crociere alluding to world football awards have exclusive Costa. This program includes entertainment Costa Cruises specific activities that will create a special atmosphere at the start of each game: the carioca dance rhythm while playing the official song of the World Cup and classical appetizers as Brazil Caipirinha. Finally, there will be room for "vanity" with the choice of "Mister World 2014