India would favor the entry of Argentina as an economic ally of BRICS countries

On several occasions publicly considered the ambassador Khatua the need to increase trade ties between India and Argentina with the participation of Brazil, South Africa and China

The Ambassador of India in Argentina, Amarendra Khatua considered that three of the nucleated BRICS countries, India, Brazil and South Africa, they would like to Argentina in this club of emerging powers which also includes Russia and China. The ambassador Khatua works at the next meeting of the group in Fortaleza, Brazil and the possibility that the Indian prime minister made ​​a state visit to the country.

"With the Argentina we have a tremendous potential in relationships. Both countries have to work hard, "he said without further comment Khatua Ambassador to confirm reports that his country, Brazilians and South Africans make weight in favor of Argentina within the BRICS, which actually require many adjustments not only the amount of population, its huge territory or natural resources, but by the size of their economies and their investments. On the other hand, Argentina suffered pressure from other powers that want to get the G20 has debt problems that have BRICS. But even with its problems, the movement to include it already exists.

Trade between India and Argentina in 2013 increased 30% to U.S. $ 1,838 million averaging the bilateral balance in 2012, with surplus for Argentina soybean oil first. In fact, the Indians were instrumental when Chinese buyers down the purchase. From India mainly exported chemicals and auto parts.

traslation: Belén Zapata