China announced that it will export high-speed train to Argentina

As reported by the Xinhua Chinese news portal in Spanish, Chinese company CSR announced plans to export to Argentina in 2015 locomotives and traction transformers for high-speed trains

The news, published on the main entrance of Xinhua in Spanish says literally that "the Chinese company Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive CSR announced that the project has gained sales traction locomotives of high-speed in Rock rail line of Buenos Aires , capital of Argentina, which will expand cooperation rail transit between China and Argentina and the presence of Chinese railway products in South America. According to the company, the company will deliver 688 locomotives to Argentina traction and traction transformers 86 to 86 high-speed trains.

Trains are expected to leave the assembly line in late August of this year and the Argentina part delivered in July 2015.

Chinese products correspond to the local line of Rock, a wide track of 1,676 millimeters located in Buenos Aires and is a main artery of its rail network, thus passing the malls of the city as the periphery.

The company Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive CSR is a company specialized in research and production of locomotives and traction transformers for rail transport company. The request to Argentina marks another success of the company after its export locomotives Australia, Georgia and South Africa.

In recent years, the Chinese rail products have increased their presence in the South American market due to its advantages in technology, security level and prices.

In early 2013, the railway company CSR Sifang Argentina signed a contract for 709 urban high-speed trains valued at 1,000 million dollars, which is the largest export order these trains of China.

For its part, the Company of Changchun Railway Vehicles, one of the largest manufacturers of China Railway, had previously signed another important agreement with Argentina SBASE metro company worth 967 million yuan.

The Chinese company, based in the northeastern Chinese province of Jilin, signed contracts with Brazilian MetroBarra in 2012 for the manufacture of 60 electric multiple unit trains (EMU acronym in English), with a total of 240 cars for the World Cup in 2014 and Olympic Games 2016 in Brazil, of which 40 will enter service in the next world soccer championship.

The company trains account for 82 percent share of the new trains in Rio de Janeiro, market traditionally dominated by France and Spain. "

source: Spanish. xinhuanet. com

traslation: Belén Zapata