Martina Stoessel on an unforgettable show (full recital)

Over 250 thousand people gathered to accompany Martina Stoessel and the protagonists of Violetta in "1st Coupled Tinista" in order to raise awareness about the environment

In Buenos Aires, in front of the Monument to the Spanish, the actress and singer Martina Stoessel, the famous Violetta, made her First Coupled Tinista for over than 250 thousand people in a full of girls and adolescents show.

The celebration was a very special guest: Francis Stoessel, the brother of "Tini", which demonstrated his skills as a DJ having fun all families with songs like Timber Ke $ ha, I Love It Icona Pop, Wake Me Up Avicii and remix of the theme song of the hit Disney Channel series starring her sister version.

Violetta converted said Tini hit the stage in a blue suit and started the show with the song "Today we are more" with which managed to draw the first smiles of the audience. "I want to thank you all for being here, for waiting. I know many camped overnight, so thank you. I really wanted to do this reunited and be able to give the message of caring for the planet, "said Tini moved by the crowds and continued the show with the theme I said.

As you want, fight for your dreams and be better, were other issues played Martina, but the most emotional moment was when she sang "Let it Go" the theme from the movie Frozen, the video has already surpassed the 42 million visits YouTube.

As for the guests, Tini gallant received his fiction: Jorge Blanco, and together they made the cover of "Corre" by Jesse and Joy. "He's my boyfriend on the strip and a great friend in real life," said the blonde, and so did when Mercedes introduced Lambre: "She's my enemy in fiction but in life we are best friends." Violetta's The three figures stood out with a funny version of Price Tag by Jessie J.

The biggest surprise was when Axel joined the "reunited" to sing "Celebrate life" with the teen idol, who was very excited and with immense joy that infected everyone.

To close this recital, that no one wanted to lose, Stoessel was encouraged to play a cover of The Beatles, and chose nothing more and nothing less than Imagine, which was followed by an emotional dedication of thanks to the audience where he could not help the tears and finally said goodbye to in my world.

traslation: Belén Zapata