Strong cell video of Korean sinking's victim

The shaky video was found on the cell phone belonging to Park Su-hyeon, 17, when his body was recovered after the disaster occurred the morning of April 16 in South Korean waters

The Associated Press received a video cell phone belonging to a young man who died in ferry tragedy of South Korean news value of a long and strong emotional content. Shortly after the ferry started to tilt, there was nervous laughter, jokes about the Titanic and a conversation about selfies and Facebook messages between high school students who were under the deck of the stricken vessel.

But the carefree atmosphere quickly turned serious when the inclination worse. He began to feel fear, and a student asked, "Am I really going to die?".

The shaky video was found on the cell phone belonging to Park Su-hyeon, 17, when his body was recovered after the disaster occurred the morning of April 16 in South Korean waters. The boy's father, Park Jong-dae, delivered the video to The Associated Press, because, he said, wanted to show the world how were the conditions aboard the Sewol as it sank. Previously he had shared with some South Korean media.

More than 300 people died or were missing in the wreck, which plunged South Korea into grief and caused a wave of indignation and shame. About 220 bodies have been recovered, most within the vessel. Over 80% of the victims were students at a high school in Ansan, south of Seoul, heading to the resort island Jeju for a school trip.

The spirit of a group of teenagers who appear in the video of Park Su-hyeon varied between bluster, attempts to maintain good humor and fear.

It was observed only one wearing a life jacket at the beginning of the video, which began at 8:52 am and ended at 9:09 am, with a short pause. At the end saw everyone with a vest. Some students had difficulty getting the vest. As the inclination was accentuated, joked about "commemorative ending photos" and "defy gravity" trying to walk on walls. "It's like the Titanic," said one student.

At 8:53 am, less than two minutes after the video starts two minutes before a crew made ​​a distress call, a student said, "Am I really going to die?".

At the beginning of the video, a message came from the speakers talked about the ferry: "Do not move from their places and prepare for any possible accident."

In subsequent announcements, passengers were again the instruction to stay in place, although some questioned whether they should flee.

The last post of the bridge occurred at 9:08 am Post subject: ". Passengers who are donning lifejackets, put on now not move from their places."

That warning was given eight minutes after a crewman told Sewol maritime traffic officer that "the ship is inclined, and you can not move," according to a transcript of communications with the ship.

After the passengers were ordered to stay in their cabins, Captain Li Joon-seok took at least half an hour to order the evacuation. It is not known precisely whether the order was transmitted to the passengers. Li states that delayed the evacuation of the danger posed send passengers to cold water and swift currents before rescuers arrived.

In a separate video released by the Coast Guard sees Li jumping from ferry into a rescue boat indoor clothes even when many passengers were still aboard Sewol.

The other 14 crew responsible for navigating the ferry have been arrested on suspicion of neglect and abandon people in need. Prosecutors are investigating whether stability problems related to excessive load or a redesign that added more cabins to the ship were factors in the wreck.

In the video of Park Su-hyeon, students wondered if the ferry would sink and where his teachers were. "What is the captain doing?".

After students talked about being in the news and then post the odyssey On Facebook, fear invaded the cabin. Some said they felt dizzy, and shaking their legs. He also saw one of the students with hands on the wall to keep his balance as the ship continued leaning, making it difficult to move.

"I'm really scared," said one student.

"Is it really sinking?," asked another. "Wuaw, they are giving us life jackets."

"I'm out of here," said one. "Me too," added another.

One student said: "Now we have to survive."

At one point, the boys were heard to pronounce his last words to their families. Some warned their brothers who did not participate in field trips unless they want to end up like them.

"Here we are. Gotta leave some parting words before dying," said a student.

"Mom, I love you," said another.

Belén Zapata