Boca, Neymar and Kun solidarity with Alves against racism

After a sympathizer Villarreal will throw a banana to Brazilian Dani Alves, the football world solidarity with the side. The "xeneizes" added their repudiation of the fact

"Boca joins the campaign to say no to racism and for a football and a society without discrimination or violence of any kind," said the club in a note posted on his official site.

Through children participating daily Social Programs MOUTH of the professional players, former players like Roberto Passucci, the girls and female football team and players Juan Cruz Komar and Mauro Dalla Costa , Club Atlético Boca Juniors adds to global repudiation the gestures of racism in soccer that this weekend was a victim to the South American Barcelona player Dani Alves, who threw a banana, and aggression became a overall message against violence to eat a snack in the match against Villarreal.

The Brazilian on Monday joined a massive support through social networks, because first crack was Neymar who tweeted a photo eating a banana with his son, with the hashtag # Noalracismo. And then Sergio "Kun" Agüero joined the spontaneous campaign to post a picture on Facebook with Marta, Brazilian female soccer star, and even the prime minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi, is lit with photo and anti-discrimination message.

Boca through Social Boca department presiding Enzo Pagani, also adds to the campaign to say no to racism and for a football and a society without discrimination or violence of any kind and so the guys who usually come to the club for sports programs and inclusion are set on the message. The same players for the female football team, the weekend can devote tricampeón through Carmen Brusca, Andrea Ojeda and Ludmila Manicler. And also joined football with the boys living in the pension and alternate in First Reserve and training as Juan Cruz Komar and Mauro Dalla Costa. And the professional staff participated Agustin Orion, Nicolas Colazo, Emanuel Insua, Leandro Marin, Nahuel Zarate, Juan Forlin, Claudio Riano, Manuel Vicentini, Sebastian D'Angelo, Joel Acosta and Guido Vadalá.

traslation: Belén Zapata